Save my ass and get a cookie (Homework thread)

I’ve been going trough some backlogged school projects I need to finish and frankly, I’m a little bit swamped. It’s not enough that I can’t finish it in time with some sweat and blood but this small bit of help could really make things a whole lot easier for me: I need links to articles or studies regarding the nowadays common Video Games = Teenage Violence subject that try to disprove the myth that video games are a training course for vicious murderers. In other words, I need the opposite of what is usually seen in the media.

Like I said, this isn’t absolutely vital and I can just Google it, but it would help me enormously by letting me concentrate on those other two papers and the three tests I have next week. Thanks in advance.

Do you mean you want articles that say video games do cause violence, or don’t cause violence?

There’s some links to the exact material in there too. Though it’s several years old, it should provide ample stuff to write about.

Yar: Don’t cause violence, I can look pretty much anywere for the other.

TD: Excellent, I’ll just do a bit of translation on Jerkins’ stuff and that’ll fit perfectly. Thank you very much.

Oh. I was going to suggest interviewing X2K, but nevermind.

Oh yeah! Doc. Jenkins, my hero.
This could be useful: The Truth About Violent Youth and Video Games
And don’t forget to use the “pretty” picture that I posted on GTA thread a while back :wink:

This article is an overview of the controversy, and refers to numerous studies on the subject, some of which support your position, and some of which do not. All of them are cited in full at the bottom. The author’s conclusion, from looking at these studies, is that there is insufficient evidence to show that video games have any effect on social behaviour, either positive or negative.