Save 60% if you know how to shop

The Hitachi 4GB CF2 Microdrive retails for around $500.

However, if you buy this Nomad MP3 Player for $200 and open up the case, you’ll notice that the storage media they used is a Hitachi 4GB CF2 Microdrive, which can be removed and reformatted.

In fact, you can even simply replace the Microdrive with a smaller one and still have an MP3 player.

Nifty, eh? :smiley:
Haha, talk about a fucking bargain.

What are they thinking, letting the lone retail sell at that high a price?!?!

Not the first time they resort to the consumer not knowing where to get stuff to sell it at high costs, but the most interesting I’ve ever seen indeed.

Heh. Ah well, some people do know how… just not enough.