Saturn and Dreamcast reccomendations

Well, the game starts as a platformer; you’re some little kid (one of their names is Claris, I can’t remember the other kids name. It’s not important, though) running around on some hill tops and what-not. Immediately, you find NiGHTS, the title character. At that point, the game turns into what can best be described as a 2½D game, where you run around in a 3D world on a 2D plane around an axis. You “attack” things by looping circles around them. At some point in each plane is a “boss,” which tends to resemble a jellyfish. By flying around enough and collecting enough power, you fly into the boss and attack it. If you haven’t collected enough power, you keep going. If you run out of time before you defeat the boss, you turn back into the kid, and have to make your way back to whereever it is that you first found NiGHTS.

It’s very very hard to explain. Basically, it’s a very smoothly controlled game with incredible music and some of the best 3D graphics the Saturn ever produced, which isn’t saying a whole lot. Fantastic game, though, despite the dated graphics.

Thank ye, I’ll consider it :slight_smile:

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