Satisfying Wertigon and Cidolfas at the same time

Linux+Terry Pratchet=Go figure…

shrug I’ve always thought conventions of any kind at all were for dweebs.

runs away very very fast

Does that include conventions for professions, such as writers conventions, Cid? :stuck_out_tongue:

<img src=“”> Thank you X, for that image. I appreciate it.

Name a writer who isn’t a dweeb. 8p And if I haven’t heard of him or her then it doesn’t count! runs away very very fast

The trekkie penguin is the cutest thing since…ev0r.

Cid will quit running away, and stay like a man!

He will if he damn well feels like it! >-)

What do you mean ‘HE’!?! You are him (Cid)!:fungah:

Urge… to carve Cid a new orifice… rising…

I’ve been to a couple of anime conventions now, and when I was younger, my sister and brother-in-law even dragged me to a Star Trek convention. They’re actually a helluva lot of fun, and not for the sense of being around others of your kind like TV makes you think. The cool part is that it’s basically like having the internet in one big room; there’s a giant dealers room that sells everything you’d possibly be interested in the subject (including my <A HREF=“”>Dragon Quest plushies</A> and my stuffed moogle who wasn’t in that picture), there’s game rooms where people play things like Jeopardy or Match Game related to the subject matter (sounds like in here…), at the anime conventions there’s viewing rooms where you can watch anime on big movie screens, there’s a console room where people just play video games, there’s DDR tournaments, Counter-Strike tournaments, UT03 tournaments… a lot of stuff going on. It’s fun just to be able to take in that kind of environment for a couple days. Though it is smelly.

Ooh! Ooh! Slime Plushie! Must have!

And that’s why you go to anime and game cons! :smiley:

Not neccessarily. I’ve never gone to a 'con, and I have FOUR moogles, a moogle bank, a moogle keychain, five other FF keychains (Digicubes), a Tonberry plushie, and a Cactuar plushie.

And a Sheep with a Wolf Costume and Tommy Gun plushie, and an Exploding Penguin plushie (from Monty Python).

And several yaoi mags, some I don’t think I even ordered.

And multiple Command and Conquer action figures (no Tanya, though…)

Still want a slime though ;.;

Well, the internet’s one source, but it’s more expensive. I got the three DQ plushies in that pic (the slime, the hoimi slime, and the oversized metal slime) plus a Kirby and Lulu’s moogle from FF10 for $35. No shipping, no nothing. Just $35.

I’ve never had any inclination at all to buy paraphernalia related to video games (the only exception is soundtracks, and I only ever bought one, even before I started downloading MP3s. And I lost that one, too.) Buying two games a year taxes my pocketbook enough. And I’ve gotten so used to having nobody around me know anything about video games that I’d feel profoundly uncomfortable talking to people IRL about them. (I know exactly one person IRL who’s heard of FF and it’s always excruciating talking to him about it.) So conventions are a no-starter for me. shrug

Why did it have to be in the state. I’ve always wanted to meet the crazy lunatic that Terry Pratchett is, or at least pretends to be.

On the subject of conventions, my life will not be complete until I go to E3.

Oh, and get a cactuar plushie. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by MegamanX2K
I’ve never gone to a 'con,
That should be con’, not 'con, since it’s short for <B>con</B>vention.

Originally posted by GG Crono 4
On the subject of conventions, my life will not be complete until I go to E3.

I’m sure at least half of the people on the boards feel the same way.:hmm: