Sanitarium! Leave me be!

That’s right kids. I went to Summer Sanitarium yesterday ^^
Even though Sorc made a thread about this anyway, I want to make MY thread about MY experience there. so nyah
Anyway, Mudvayne came out first, and seemed to have a bit of trouble with their audio. You couldn’t hear the singer over the music, but I wasn’t complaining.
After they did a few songs, there was a break for Deftones to set up. They sucked. I can now say I honestly hate them. I couldn’t stand them. Thank you.
There was yet another break, this time a bit longer for Linkin Park to set up. Linkin park was very good with their performance. I was surprised they were cussing, seeing as they don’t in any of their songs. But that just made me have even more respect for them for some odd reason. After they did their thing, there was yet another break.
I was surprised with Limp Bizkit’s performance. Their new guitarist is <b>VERY</b> good. Of course, Fred had some women coming up on stage and taking their tops off. Which rocked. One came up and was up there til the end of the performance, no top the whole time 8p.
After Limp Bizkit there was a VERY long break, so the people decided to entertain themselves.
There was an unofficial ‘battle of the tits’ between the two sides.
One woman on one side would abandon all dignity to take her top off in front of at least 10k people. Then the other side would go. This continued for a good hour or so. Of course I was standing up for some of it. I’m a man no less :stuck_out_tongue:
But Like my dad said “You’ve seen one set, you’ve seen them all.” So I tired of that pretty quickly.
Then it happened.
The Ecstacy of Gold started. (The opening to many of Metallica’s concerts)
They. Kicked. Ass. Mere words can’t describe just how kick ass of a time I had at my first metallica concert. I went hoarse only a quarter of the way through the performance. The pyrotechnics were all perfectly timed. The reefer could be easily smelled.
They closed up with, none other than, Enter Sandman.


I don’t know how a concert like that can rock. Mudvayne, Linkin Park and Metallica.

LP is bearable, but that’s it.

Well, that’s just your opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

I used to go to those concerts all the time in high school, they were always a blast. How long was the concert? Some of those all day ones can really be endurance contests when you spend 8 hours straight in a mosh pit.

It was 3 til 11, so about 8 hours.

Yea, it did fucking rule. I’m still blown away every time I listen to a metallica song that they played, I’m just…blown away.

Did they play Nothing Else Matters with one of Lars’ drum sticks at the one you went to?

Edit: not the whole thing, but the opening :stuck_out_tongue:


I should play guitar with my penis.
Edit: On another note:
You know the music kicks ass when it rattles you and everything around you ^^

That sounds pretty cool. You hate the Deftones though? Man… kids these days.
I dunno if I’d want to sit through all that rubbish before Metallica, but I guess Metallica would be way worth it. Too bad they never stopped by Vancouver.

Gila: he didn’t mention it here, but he said that you couldn’t even hear the Deftones- and if you can’t hear a certain band, well… that sucks.

Yeah, that’s another reason I hate them, I couldn’t hear a word the singer said :stuck_out_tongue: