Samurai Champloo

I caught a couple episodes of Samurai Champloo on Cartoon Network and decided to buy the dvd. So I bought the first one, but have only watched the first episode.

The music kicks ass.

I have a question though. Whats a Champloo?

It’s basically the same thing as Farfalonis

When does it ever matter?:slight_smile:

You guys are a lot of help.

…13 year olds.

well i dont’ know they havn’t really said anything about that in the episodes i’ve seen and WTF DOES IT MATTER MY AGE. I know i can be a little more immiture than those older than me but i can be of help so don’t…i won’t lower my self to your level

I got two smartass answers from two 13 year olds. I was just pointing that out.

If that bothers you, then don’t post stupid answers like, “When does it ever matter?^_^”

How does that help me in any way?

Oh ok that makes sense but don’t blame it on my age blame it on my immiture mind instead.

And my lack of sanity

Well i’m being serious i blame the pure immituraty of my mind i’ll be like this till i’m in colledge so no hard feelings Evil Dave?

Whatever man. No biggie.

Mkay here will be my answer a little more revised then. I just thought it was something they had in the title to make it seem cooler i would look it up on an official site on the anime.

Its definitely not a real word, at least not in English.

I was just wondering if maybe it was something in the show. Or maybe even something to do with the music.

It might have to do with the samuri they are looking for. It might have something to do with future episodes concerning something or other

Perhaps this samurai that smells of sunflowers really smells of farfalonis

Whats a farfalonis? Well it says he smells like sunflower seeds so i highly doubt that.

Ignore him.

CAN DO! I’ll look up some sites for ya hold on. :runaway:

EDIT: theres an officail site i can’t tell you much about it because my computer is too slow to load the page…

I am pretty sure Champloo has no meaning, just like Bebop.

But Bebop refers to the musical nature of the series. Champloo isn’t a word.

Farfalonis is another word for skid marks