Samurai 7

I’ve only seen four episodes of this thing, but it seems real damn sweet.
The story is that a priestess, her little sister and a male friend of theirs leave their little town to find samurai to help them fight against Bandits, huge living mechas that are left from a great war and now plunder villages. They do find samurai, one weird one after another. The greatest warrior so far is an old man with long hair, named Shimada Kambei. Think wise ol’ war-hardened and slightly bitter jedi warrior who gives everyone else advice.
In episode four, he fights with another samurai named Kyuzo, who looks like a mix of Spike from Cowboy Bebop and Vash the Stampede. A never-shows-feelings dude.
At one point in the battle, they’re in a deadlock with a katana each scratching their throats. Kambei breaks this deadlock by looking intently at Kyuzo and stating:
“I’m in love.”
Kyuzo dashes backwards in shock.
Kambei amends, smoothly:
“In love with your skill, that is.”
The other samurai (though Kambei only accepts the first of these) is a warrior turned entertainer (“Wanna make a bet? Shoot me in the forehead, and if I catch the arrow you treat me to dinner!”), a big clunk of a cyborg who makes mistakes and wrecks buildings, and a young greenhorn samurai who’s getting all his ideals smashed. There seems to be some pretty cute romance building between him and the priestess, too.

The music has a very Japanese feeling, with mainly drums and wood pipes, and the action runs smoothly and well. And the main plus is the glistening of completely whacked humor, as with Kambei and the deathlock. Another great joke was in the first episode, when Kambei sliced off the head of the cyborg. The victim’s only reply:
“That hurt, you bastard!”

Sounds pretty cool. I’ve got time to watch more more series before I become Cable-less. Maybe this could be it. :smiley:

Thet took the seven samurai as basis to make this anime of course it got to be good.I need to see it NOW!

Apparently there have only been 10 episodes released so far. We’re watching it in the anime club at college here now. Lots of jokes about “I don’t remember there being giant robots in the Seven Samurai.” Or “So why do they have an elevator that goes from the city level to the bottom of the bottomless pit?” “No, that was just the counter-weight, which makes you wonder what happened to the elevator.”

Let me know when the Yul Brinner character shows up*. :hahaha;

  • 7 Samurai/Magnificent 7 reference.

It’s funny, because just after the meeting when we started watching the anime, some of us went down to the commuter lounge and started flipping through the channels, and the Magnificent Seven was on. People who were more familiar with the stuff were playing “which one is he?”

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Watch this anime now!
We finished watching the available series after our anime club meeting Friday, and it was so great, it’s beyond words.
It’s just so amazing, like when Kyuzo comes out of nowhere and total slaughters the giant robot samurai or when after they split up into groups and are heading back to Kanna Village and Gorobei(sp?), Heihachi(sp?), and the villager guy disguise themselves as women, and then the bandits ask them who they are and where they’re going, and the guy has to do a dance to convince them they’re for real.
It’s crazy, though it tries to take itself seriously, it’s just so far out there, but it somehow works.