Sam & Max Return!

The deal was inked only days ago, and few details are available as of now. Telltale stresses that the game will not be Sam & Max: Freelance Police, the LucasArts title whose highly-publicized 2004 cancellation was widely mourned by fans. New content will be developed, and the game will be implemented in an episodic format similar to that of Telltale’s Bone games. Purcell, who works at Pixar, says he will be as involved with the Sam & Max project as he can be.


I won’t believe it until the game’s in my cold, clammy hands. I’ve been burned far too many times to blindly hope.

Indeed. LucasArts can go suck my left nut. They’re not good enough for the right one yet.

Fuck YES! And I’m glad that Purcell is confident about Telltale Games.

Speaking of S&M, does anyone know where I can find the old comic collection of theirs? I remember looking everywhere for it a few years ago with no luck.

Hey they’re doing a game on Bone too, I remember reading a few issues of that when Disney Adventures had it in their comics section.

This had better not fall through, or I am going Max on somebody and I’m serious.

I’ve got scans. Somewhere.

Edit: Yeah, found it, it’s like 80 megs. I’ll turn my fileserver on tomarrow, it’s in the same folder as the cartoon (which of which I’m missing a few episodes, damn things don’t seem to exist anywhere). You’ll need a progam like CDisplay to open the file.


Awesome, thanks Epic.

This looks to be very nice, but maybe they might get the rights to the orginal Sam & Max game away from LucasArts and release it with the new game. Since the old game…is like DOS and on floppy discs.

Good… anyway they can get their hands on Full Throttle 2 now?

I mean, come on… whatever happened to the creative Lucas Arts? The one that didn’t crap pathetic Star Wars games faster then pianos fall on Merlin?

Sigh… the good old days… hope this one brings some sembelance back.

What. System. ?.

Sam and Max rules!! I got a couple of their VHS tapes… I loved that show. Loved it. I wish they would release the whole thing on dvd.