Sam and Max Season 1 and 2

Am I really the only person here that actually bothered to play these? Because, so far, I love them. Season One kept me in stiches throughout, especially the last three. (Name me one other game that gives you the honor of nuking a giant animated statue of Abraham Lincoln with the Washington Monument, and then giving the statue’s severed head a love connection so you can make people throw up?) Season 2 premiered last week, and was easily one of the closest times the series has come to reaching Hit and Run’s level of humor.

I’m sorry if this is a pointless post, but, seriously guys. Am I the only one that still enjoys this? If you haven’t at least tried things out, Season One Episode 4 (the aformentioned Abe Lincoln episode) is now available for free. At least give it a spin, and if you don’t like it, then you didn’t pay a dime.

And now, I must go try not to off myself today. And drink plenty of liquids. And try to get to the good part of Blue Dragon.

The entire first season is on steam for 26.95 fyi.

I haven’t tried it but It really have been considering it. Anyone else have positive reviews?

I also heartily recommend Blue Dragon.

Oh yeah, I need to sit down and actually play these. I’ve already gotten the first season.

Like many adventure games, they’re quite fun. Also like many adventure games, they have absolutely zero replay value. I’d say it’s worth the price. It has great writing, especially the dialog. The interface is pretty good, and the challenge is just right. It isn’t overly challenging, but I didn’t feel like I was playing Putt-Putt, either.