Sales numbers

I’m not sure how reliable those numbers are because another site says that the Wii sold 1.8 million in the States since its launch. This was meant to be compared with the 360, which sold 2 million in the same time period. What I would’ve liked to know is if it sold 1.8 million because it only had 1.8 million available.

Despite all this, what is really mind boggling are the DS sales. I just don’t know what to say about that.

I’ve checked that videogame charts link. The fact that the DS outsold PSP for about 10 million units in Japan got me in awe.

Not surprising if you look at the Japanese game sales chart. About 7 of the top ten games will be DS games (usually exclusives), and this has been the case for well over a year. I was expecting the figures to be higher, personally.

I don’t think that the number of Wiis available is too significant in seeing how the Wii is doing compared to the 360 since the 360 had similar shortages during this time period. However, things are shaping up to be between the 360 and Wii for this generation. It seems like what happened to Nintendo with the N64 is happening to Sony with the PS3 (minus a killer-app at launch, Resistance is no Mario). It seems like a console maker can’t maintain a lead for more than 2 generations. Nintendo lead witht he NES and SNES and then fell wth the N64 and now Sony has lead with the PSX and PS2, but seems to be falling with the PS3.

I don’t know that it’s failing. They’re certainly not in the lead, but “failing” makes me think they’re losing money like characters in ricky-Oh! lose blood. It just seems so drastic a word this early in the game.

Well, since they had lead in the previous generation, so they already had a head start, and are selling the fewest consoles this generation, it is just a drastic drop. That drop could be very hard to recover from, especially since when Nintendo failed with the N64, it took a awhile before they went down.

EDIT: One thing that I was thinking though is that Sony’s base has always been the casual and general gamer, but it is ahrd for that gamer to get on board with a $600 price tag. Like parents are less likely to buy the system for their kids since it is too much money to risk getting broken. Your average gamer probably doesn’t feel like paying $200 more on a system that’s games are available on a cheaper system.

Yes the PS3 is losing ground, but its still to early to judge.

The N64 launched with only two games (Mario 64 and Pilot Wings 64) though good games that they were the next games to follow up was Golden Eye, StarFox 64, and Mario Kart 64 which took a full year to come leaving gamers with the likes of such classics as Quest 64 and Blast Corps. And it could have come back from that if most of the third parties didn’t countinue to offer shovelware or nothing at all.

And the DS lite pwning the collective asses of every other console in Japan for the beter part of an entire year strait. Apparentaly games like Brain Age do seem to be making a difference.

What you gotta remember is those are estimates of the total sales of each console. Nintendo sold almost half as many units in a month and a half as Microsoft has sold in over a year, and this is the second holiday season the 360 has seen. That’s if these numbers are correct at least.

bottom line is, people know what they want. They don’t get brainwashed by pretty graphics anymore (well a percentage does, but it’s gradually getting smaller).

Actually, if you read what Sin posted, he said that the Wii has sold about the same as the 360 in the same time period, not total sales.

What Rinn is saying is different. He is comparing different stats for different implications.

He wants to point out how the total Wii sales since launch compare to the total 360 sales since launch and it is nevertheless pretty massive. One can compare within the same time period (november - christmas) or from individual date of launch to christmas.

The article I pointed out said: almost equal Wii and 360 sales, with 360 edging out the Wii.
What Rinn is saying: in the little time the Wii came out, the Wii sold an amount equivalent to a sizeable % of the total 360 sales since the 360 itself launched 1 year ago.

We need pie charts…


This article at 1up confirms what I suspected: the Wii would’ve beaten MS had more been available for release.