Sakaguchi makes deal with MS

Title says it all. Expect more RPGs on the Xbox.

Oh fuck. I really don’t wan’t an XXX-Box, why on earth did he have to go and get together with them. I hope the games suck ass so I don’t miss on anything important.

Yeah. I hope they suck shit out of a cows ass and die.

Instead of having a sucky FPS/Racing library, it’ll have a sucky RPG library as well.

I am not impressed.

Oh fuck indeed. This can mean a lotta trouble… I remember the FF series taking a nose dive when he left… It’s the kojima-made FF games that ruled…

So this can mean good RPGs= microsoft?

I hope fuckin not…

EDIT: Oops… I meant Sakaguchi-made FF games… Damn Metal Gear… That’s what happens if you stay up all night trying to finish MGS2 in one trot…

Bah. Pathetic ploy that people will buy into.

What? When did Hideo Kojima make an RPG?

Setz asks a good question. I loved FFX and can’t wait for the XII (more vagrant story people on it :D). I can’t believe the hostility of this thread. Sony’s not that much nicer a company :P.


XBox does have some good games, but it seems to get a bad rap in the gaming community because it’s Microsoft. I remember the exact same thing happening to Sony when it released the PSX. I’d rather just wait and see what games might be coming out for it before wishing everyone that works of MS and their mothers die.

But its so fun you can’t help but do it!

And at least, MS responded to its customers’ complaints by shrinking its controller (well providing an alternative), unlike Sony, that pretty much told its customers to fuck off (just as polititely, that was the really impressive part) after complaints about one of the PSP buttons getting stuck. Not to mention Sony’s history of making cheaply and laughably made consoles.

Sony recently began fixing the defected (sticky) square buttons. While it was only 0.6% of oh… 800k PSPs I believe it was (correct me if I’m wrong about the number of Japanese launch units) that had the problem. As for cheaply and laughably made, I dunno. I’m not stupid enough to stick my PS2 anywhere that it can take damage other than dust particles.

Back on topic, 984 has a point.

I don’t give a shit if it is Microsoft. I’ve been playing Nintendo since I was born. They rock. Then XBOX comes along out of nowhere and gets a bunch of people who haven’t even fucking touched a videogame IN THEIR LIFE to go all “ahhh oh ym god xbox is so god lok at the grafics!! nintendo suk so kiddy little pany s hahahaahaha” And now they think the fucking control the gaming business or something. So yes, all of them and their mothers can die. Same with the stupid kids that think XBOX is the best cause it has a “built-in harddrive!” or graphics (I haven’t noticed anything better about XBOX graphics than GameCube graphics… -_-;:wink:

PSP: People make mistakes.

Ahh… I cannot wait for evolution. Touching is good, but feeling is better. :wink:

Yeah, but they are usually expected to apologize for their mistakes, not tell people to fuck off.

I know, but I consider FF to be Hilary Duff of RPGs, so I’m just not impressed.

So far, the Xbox hasn’t impressed me with it’s library of games, but NO today-gen console has, and it sure looks likely for the next generation.

What the fuck do you think Sony and the Playstation did? The exact same thing. It did it especially to the RPG genre with games like FFVII. What do you think the PS2 did with the GTA series? It has gotten tons of people to play video games who’s only previous exposure to video games has been possibly watch someone play SNES while they were kids. It’s part of the business now, and it’s rather pretentious to basically demand only “gaming” companies make consoles. That would limit us to basically Nintendo now (although I believe Sega would still make consoles if it weren’t for Sony). But fresh faces such as Sony and MS HAVE injected some new ideas into the business (XBox’s harddrive IS a good idea that I liked going back to its precursos in the Saturn, Sony’s great marketing strategies).

As for graphics, I like it when games have good graphics. I appreciate aesthetics like that, whether it be done in impressive 3D or beautifully drawn sprites. My main gripe with Suikoden III was its rather bland colors; it was not as pleasing to the eye as a game like Grandia II because it used bland, dulled down colors. However, I’ve never met someone in real life who didn’t like a certain game only because it didn’t have realistic good graphics; that complaint seems more along the lines of “the game sucked for such and such reasons, and to top it all off, it wasn’t even good to look at.” If I don’t like what I’m looking at and it’s not pleasing to the eyes, I doubt I would be inclined to finish the game if it were rather mediocre.

So you’re blaming a company selling a product for the actions of the assholes we have in our society? Good application of critical thinking skills! If you have a problem with people, take it with the morons that are doing the stupid shit.

Its 1 thing to make a defective product, its another thing to attack your customers for not liking the defects and continuing a pattern of making defective products. In 3 years, there’ll be at least 5 million PSPs out there I estimate. Even if its a percentage as low as 6%, which I’m sure it won’t be, that’s 300 000 unhappy customers. Not a good idea.

Iga: so FF is bad because its popular?

Something I noticed is that everyone likes to demonstrate a good level of elitism when it comes to video games because essentially, for a lot of people, it was one of the ways they were different. And so when they see people they didn’t like get into a habit which they identified themselves with, they get hostile and have an essentially a xenophobic response because they feel their identities are being assaulted. That has little to do with the games themselves but the players playing them.

I already said that they’re fixing the defective square buttons, ya loon :stuck_out_tongue:

Where’s the article saying so? The only one I read was the one about sony bursting an aggression inhibitor. Its called bad PR :P. Where’s the apology? And also, my point wasn’t just the defective PSP, but also the repeatedly proven cheap PS series. The PS1 and 2 are weak and highly sensitive machines. Rast once took his PSX apart and made a documentary on the site about 3-4 years ago. He was appalled to say the least. Hell , one of the top guys at Capcom once went on a rant at a news conference calling Sony thieves and all sorts of other things by making their machines so lousy, he had to buy 2 PS1s and 2 PS2s because the first ones he had bought crapped out. I’ve had and have known a lot of people that have had problems with their machines. Sony builds cheap shit and sells it at a high price. The entire point of my saying this is to have peopel shut up about how evil microsoft is and realize that the people they’re supporting aren’t any better. Just as my last little post, its to point out the idiotic and pointless elitism shown in this thread.

Now stop bitchin :stuck_out_tongue: