I’ve heard and read a few good things about this anime and it kind of looks interesting. I just want to know if it’s any good or worth my time before I start downloading it.

You have the nerve to ask if it’s “any good” before you “waste your time” “stealing” it?

2 Things:

  1. You’re 15. Don’t talk about lack of free time.
  2. If you’re gonna download it, then download it. It is of no consequence to you.

I believe he just wanted to know something, not to be scolded like a child.

I too have considered downloading it, but I’m not sure if I will. It seems to be good, but I wont download the first ep if I believe it’ll disappoint me- that’ll lead me to downloading more eps that might be even worse, so who knows.

Consider reading up a little more on it, and if you think you’ll like it, go ahead. I’m anal about my anime, and it has to REALLY appeal to me before I even consider downloading.

Oh, for craps sake just download it. Vic, even if you are “anal” snicker about your chosen series what do you have to lose? You will recieve a little first hand experience. Here is how I see it.

Download cost= 0$, - maybe 30min
If it sucks delete it= 0$, - waste of 60min
if it rocks keep it=0$, + great 60min

I am not so great at the math there, but you get the picture. If after you download the show you feel like it raped you, then kicked you in the genitals, tell me so I don’t have to download it when I get back to the states.

P.S. Not ment to harp on you, but I notice that people have lost their sence of adventure. Life is about experiences.

Yeah, I’ll just go download it. Sorry if I inadvertently sounded like a snob or anything with the “waste my time” remark.

Err, depending on what service you’re using, try downloading = -5 days. So don’t bitch a person out if they don’t want to waste time downloading something they might not like when they could be getting another episode of some other series or an OST or something.

In any case, if anyone actually has anything to say about Saiyuki, I myself would love to hear it. I’ve seen some reviews that have made a few vague references to prettyboys, a fantasy world, and a jeep, but I reallly have no idea what the series is about after that.

I read the first manga and saw some episodes. The series seems to be the same as the manga.

Story (correct me if I tell something wrong): The priest Geniyo Sanzo has the quest to stop the resurrecting of the demon Gyumao, who was once sealed by some prince(name not important).

The tree demi-demons Son Goku (not DBZ), Sha Gojiyo and Cho Hakkai helps him.

Another Problem: Some evil force turned most demons into killing beasts (before that demons lived in harmony with humans).

On their way they have to fight this demons and to teach people that it isn’t the demons fault that they turned evil.

The fantasy world is a strange mix of old China, a bit of common rpg-world and modern world. Sanzo for example uses a gun and they have a jeep.

The jeep… Sha Gojiyo has a little dragonlike looking creature with him. He uses it in battle and this “pet” has also the ability to transform to a jeep.:runaway:

Thats what I know.

I’ve seen a few episodes of the anime, haven’t read the manga yet though. But from what I’ve seen so far it looks like it’s worth getting. The plot is pretty good and it gets really hilliarious at some points.