Saints' clothes (knights of the zodiac)

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[b]skips all the other posts and yells to Ren

SAINT SEIYA IS ON A CANADIAN CHANNEL CALLED YTV:eek: I saw some of it last night and I nearly squealed! I wont be able to watch an ep and not think of you!:hyperven: [/b]

Watch it, it rocks. Or at least it’s a classic some of us grew up with.

And yes, I think it was Hagen.

How long was it Wil? I’ve tried looking on Kazaa and I get Saint Seiya ‘Hades OVA 4’ and it’s only 25 minutes long.

Wow, the thing ran out of control. I can barely comment it all now. Let me see… Leo’s already been taken, you can have only one Wil so choose between cygnus or Acquarius and yes, the guy was Hagen of Merak (Sleipnir).

I lost a day of photoshopping today to a headache but I’ll keep doing the clothes.

Eva: when I get my ICQ running again I’ll send you some extracts of the OVA’s I have here ^^

Kor: you’re right.

SE: Kanon is not evil.

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SE: Kanon is not evil.


He tried to… do something evil so saga had to put him behind bars. Then he tried to manipulate Poseidon to become the ruler of the world or something. Plus he SAID that unlike his brother, he didn’t have a bad half and a good half, he was a full time bad ass.

Yeah, but after all that, he pledges for mercy and turns good during the Hades Saga. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh… I haven’t seen Hades Hen yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Damm Arioto, I’ll only redo it after I’ve done all the others.

Here’s one that wasn’t included in the Asgard event, but is norse anyway. Kraken:

It belongs to Kraken, unless he comes here and claims another one.

BTW, Kor, I’m sorry, I didn’t even touch Photoshop this weekend, but I’ll still make a sig for you :ah-ha!:

OK, let’see if my memory still works (I was in the Seiya fan network in the 80’s, folks!) :

Let’s see, I remember FOUR Seiya movies (please remember, the Japanese tend to call ANYTHING a movie, if it’s made for theatrical release, even if it’s as short as a TV episode.)

In the first, they fight Ares’ sister, Eris, who possesses Hyoga’s girlfriend;

In the second, they fight in Asgard, but not the same Saints from the TV episodes. My understanding is that the movie is NOT connected to the TV series, since the situation there was different (Asgard was abandoned). I was told the movie was a test of ideas that was later used in the TV show. I could be wrong on all this, of course.

In the third movie, they fight Athena’s evil brother… whose name escapes me now. (I didn’t see it.) The curious thing here, he did NOT die in the end, unlike the other Seiya villains.

In the FOURTH movie, they fight Lucifer and the Fallen Archangels, who escaped from Hell after absorbing power from the spirits of the deceased evil gods from the three previous movies (mistake here, since Athena’s brother didn’t die.) BTw, Lucifer appeared as a very handsome angel… at least until he got mad! :slight_smile:

I stopped my contacts with the rest of the fan clubs at this time, so I dunno if there were any more movies.

Oh, as for the actual PLOTS of the movies… they were ALWAYS the same (Evil god captures Athena, Saints fight evil saints to rescue her, etc. Good lord, they even always managed to somehow have to CLIMB STAIRS before fighting the Evil God! How a series so creative in some ways could be so repetitive in others is beyond me!)

If I have gotten any of this wrong, someone please correct me (with proof, of course!)

PS: Ren, I’ll take Cygnus if isn’t already taken, thanks.

The second movie WAS in fact part of the series, it’s put after the TV (Pretty much like all the others). Seiya even complains about having to go there again. The only thing that makes people think that is that it sucks.

I remember than in a movie (Third most likely) a guy came out from some kind of seal and revived the dead Golden Saints, except Aioros (No, I’m not talking about Hades). Camus, Shura and… a third one refused to help him and tried to stop him so he killed the three of them in a pretty crappy fight scene which lasted about five seconds. Death Mask and Aphrodite agree to help him (They where evil after all) and Saga plays dumb for a while but was secretly plotting to help Athena’s Saints. Meanwhile, the rest of the Golden Saints do absolutely nothing, as ususal.

So, the Bronce Saints charge at the sanctuary again, beat Cancer and Pisces (And two or three other servants this guy had) and finally Seiya, wearing Aioros’s cloth, beats the big evil guy and saves Athena. All the dead saints return to being dead and everyone lives peacefully until Saori gets into death peril yet again. The End.

I remember that one pretty well because most scenes where used in the spanish intro.

The god in question was Abel. It was the first SS movie to show in Brazil. I remember watching it. It is an actual movie since it’s some 2 hours long. They already had their new clothes by then.

Here too. I saw it in the cinema.

Yeah, Abel was the name of the villain from the third movie. Thanks, Ren.

I’m still not certain about the relationship between the second movie and the second season of SS. I had some very good sources pointing out inconsistencies between it and the TV episodes. Of course, we were working with UNTRANSLATED stuff back then, so many of us were just guessing. I’ll have to dig out my old Seiya Stuff and check it out.

One thing I do remember, is that BOTH Viking stories were written by the people who adapted the show for TV, and were not based on the manga. They were done to give the artist time to finish his new story. Whether that makes them better or worse is a matter of opinion.

Once again I’m skimming through the recent threads because I hardly know anything about Saint Seiya/ Knights of the Zodiac but it’s on right now (Friday night). Athena has a different name if I heard correctly…?

In the series, she’s called Saori Kido. She’s actually the reincarnation of Athena.

But in the new English translation, her name is Sienna. She’ll only be called Athena some dozens of episodes later.

Yeah Sienna. I was wondering why that was.