Saints' clothes (knights of the zodiac)

edit: can’t do them all -_-

I’m trying to extract as many clothes as possible from the anime and turn them into usable gifs. Let me know if there’s any you’d like to see here.

I could’ve started by the signs, but they’re piece of cake. I’ll start with the bronze ones. Here’s the few I’ve already made:

Pegasus (mine!)
Draco (dragon)
Cygnus (swan)

Now with the signs, and norse mithology will be next:



Gemini (Kor’s)




Can I have the dragon?


They belong to the first one to claim them, one per person

I want Pheonix! he’s the most awsome guy… never dies ^^

Actually, he does, but what makes the power of Phoenix so unique is the fact that he always comes back…

I’ve been busy this weekend, but tomorrow I’ll upload the rest of the signs.

well, ya, that’s what i mean :stuck_out_tongue:

Aeris. Just gotta love a killer god-sheep.

Four more:



Sagittarius (mine too)


I wanted Phoenix. ;-;

Oh, well. Can I have Virgo?


Ok guys…uhh…we got a prob…<_<…I NEED the dragon GIF. See…my Sn is ArmorDragon, my pic thingy is a dragon and uhh…Dragon Shiryu is my favorite character…so gimme the dragon!!! !P_P! PLEASE!!!

I almost forgot…since Shiryu does end up using Master Dokho’s Gold Cloth of Libra…I guess I shall claim that one if can.

Shiryu also used Capricorn. Okay, you two take Virgo & Libra respectively. Do you want them resized to sig useable / avvie size?

edit: the final signs -



  • & the first one from norse myths, my fave among the Asgard Warrios:

    Merak, representing Sleipnir, Odin’s horse

(Merak is the name of the Beta star of Ursa Minor)

Yes, please. Of course, that means I’ll have to boot the happy happy bunny pic, but that’s okay.


Can I have leo, and i cant see the pick of what he looks like.

Yes. Funny, you’re the only one who can’t up to now.

edit: I have to say this because he kicks so much ass. VP, the Virgo saint, Shaka, is “the man who’s closest to being a God” according to the other gold saints. He’s actually the reencarnation of a buda.

This is how the cloth looks on him (without the helmet):


-does the happy dance-

-hugs Ren-

is hugged

I’ll keep doing the norse, then I’ll go to the mariners, but not today.

This teaches me, I should check this forum more often --;

Ren, dude, i must say i envy you, your Avataring/Imagering/Extracting/Thingering skill is awesome

Geminis armor rawks…But the Blackish/Evilish/Hadesish/Espectralish/Thingiesh one still is my favorite. =P

(I’ll Take Geminis =P)