Sailor Moon

I want it all on DVD.

-Are all of the seasons available?
-Where can I order it online?
-Is it in english as well?
-If it is available in english, it’s not the butchered, censored type, is it?
-What kind of a price range am I looking at?

There ya go.

That place seems legit to me, and they have a lot of Sailor Moon DVDs. Hope you haven’t been there before, though. :thud:
The price range goes up to $100 for the boxed sets, but there is obviously cheaper stuff there.

I just have to ask, why the sudden interest?



I’ve always loved Sailor Moon and any little tidbit on the internet (such as pics) seems to rouse my interest out of hibernation. And since I have the means to buy the DVD’s now, oh baby, I wanna.

There’s like a million episodes, you’ll pay out of the ass to get all of them.

Or you could just check boxtorrents. Cheaper and all.

It’s been ages since I saw it but getting the whole series is dumping your money. Each saga goes like this:

[li]Introduction chapters, usually one or two.
[/li][li]The bad guys/girls capture someone to extract the [Insert name of desired artifact] and the Scouts save them. We’re talking about forty-something chapters of the exact same thing here.
[/li][li]Turns out the [artifact] was under everybody’s noses and the Scouts manage to get it. They beat the bad guy/girl. End of saga.
[/li][li]Rinse and repeat.

And that’s it. There’s like five plot-advancing chapters per saga and the cute schoolgirl drama interludes on each chapter get horribly repetitive after a while. Think Power Rangers with skirts. I suggest you don’t buy the full thing at once, do it by blocks so that if/when you get bored you don’t waste your money.

I love all of that though. I like the later seasons with the introduction of the outers, and the starlights, and especially Sailor Saturn. I can’t get enough of Sailor Moon. It isn’t just girly kick-ass stuff to me, it’s just coooool, and coooool enough for me to want to fork out all of my money to buy the dvd’s. And of course I wont do it all at once, I’m not that rich :frowning:

See, now this seems similar to what I think of Saber Marionette. Seraphim, you see Sailor Moon as repeptitive and boring, and I will admit, so do I, but clearly, Evangelion here doesn’t. Her view of the series is different from ours, and, though we may not agree with her viewpoint, or even understand it, we must accept it.

By the way, if I were looking for Sailor Moon, I would either go to E-Bay, or an anime convention. Conventions always have everything you want. At least, if they’re good conventions. (Ie. Anime North) Either that, or you could try your local comic shop. The “Warp” chain in my city tends to have a huge selection of anime and manga for your perusal and purchase.

Two things Shinryuu.

  1. I agree with you on accepting others opinions.
    2)Eva’s a certified chick :wink:

It’s her money, she can do whatever she wants with it. I’m just saying it’s not a good idea to get the fuckton epsiodes at once, which she already explained she isn’t going to do.

Currently only the first 4 seasons (before going to Boot Camp may change soon) are available in the US.

If you want uncut/uneditted versions of the series ADV has released a box of 8 discs each for the first and second season of the show. HOWEVER, the third and fourth series are currently being worked on by Geneon for a similar release.

THe reason they are doing this is because Nelvana is very close to losing the copyright to the series and TOEI doesn’t want it to be re-licensed at the original creators behest.

Why not just tape it? Its on WB all the time.

I don’t have WB…and Im a material girl. I have to have like the certified, clean DVDs.

What is in the uncut version? Nudity? Cause if it is…


Just for the record I like Sailor Moon too, and I’m very macho, I’ll have you know.

While it’s true that SM is silly and repetitive, it’s also true that it had original ideas (starting with the very concept of Schoolgirl Power Rangers) and character designs, and even some genuinely moving moments.

Also, SM was the one series my niece Nelimar and I bonded over (before that, we couldn’t stand each other!) so I’ll always have that to thank it for.

Remember, guys, always keep an open mind, and check things out before judging them. Yes, even Shoujo. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok,I personally don’t like Sailor Moon however I have come to tolarated it ever since I saw a trailer of what Saban(read Satan) had in mind with doing with the series and believe me compared to that I rather see all the episodes of SM twice.

Read the manga first

I don’t prefer manga over anime.