Sailor Moon favorite character

Sailor Mercury is my favorite character. :victoly:

Tell me who is your favorite character. :cool:

I like Sailor Neptune. She’s so stylish and elegant.

Sailor Popeye

I always hate making this decision because I find something good about all of them, buuuut…

I will also have to go with Sailor Neptune. She’s very musically talented, her element is water, and she’s nice! She’s also a good fighter in the fighting games and uh… her transformation theme is awesome.

See? This is why I don’t say much. :stuck_out_tongue:

TIe between Sailor Mars and Sailor Saturn. I like Sailor Uranus as well, she’s…cool. And then Sailor Pluto.

And Mistress Nine >>

Sailor Mini Mini Moon!!! She’s cute. Also Neptune, and Pluto.

Sailors Mercury, Uranus, and Neptune.

venus and uranus

star fighter is also hot (but only in female form!)

Sailor Ganymede

I think Sailor Neptune is a great character too.I like both, Sailor Mercury and Neptune because their element is water.

Yeah Sailor Neptune and Sailor Mercury are cool.
Is your avatar Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho Makko?


The lesbian ones.

Sailor Jupiter. I always liked her because she was the more “normal”. Moon and Venus were ditzy, Mercury terribly shy, and Mars had a bad temper. Lita wasn’t that smart, but next to the others, she looked more mature! :get it?:

Sailormoon has always been my favorite. I have no idea why, but she is ^^

Mercury power! :yipee:

Cless, you’re my hero.

Id have to say all of them equally when they’re transforming. Jupiter otherwise.

Mercury, nerds always win, specially when they shoot bubbles and have cute goggle/glasses things that come from nowhere…