Saga Frontier Official Strategy Guide

I wanted to buy Saga Frontier Official Strategy Guide, but reviews on Amazon said that it is crap. Believe them and don’t buy it, or buy? What you say ? Does someone who has that guide can submit few scans from it (maps, items)?

I have it, but I don’t have a scanner, sorry. Here’s my opinion on it:

It could’ve been done a better. In particular, it doesn’t explain how to build up combos, which are necessary to beat at least ONE boss in one of the games. Because of that, I could never finish Rikki’s adventure, and thus see the Special Ending. My advice is that you use the walkthroughs you find posted for free on the Net- like the ones here in RPGC!

The guide IS generally useful, however, and it’s got plenty of maps and art. If you like collecting guides for its own sake in addition to playing the game, like I do, it’s certainly worth it.

The reason you should not buy an official strategy guide for anything is because it is OFFICIAL. Official guides rarely reveal any secrets, but unofficial ones and online guides are much better.

It’s good for the art, but not much else.

Wil, the combo I used for beating him is pretty easy to use. Have Riki learn Thunderbolt from a genbu than have four humans learn Triangle Kick.