SaGa Frontier 2: ARGH!

I’m in that dark city that I can;t remember the name of…I have to find this dude Kisk’s grandson, Kyle, and get some rare Quell off him. But I cant find the kid! I’ve talked to everyone and checked everything at least five times! Could someone give me some detailed, step-by-step instructions?

Why yes, yes I do just happen to have detailed instructions. I’m so sorry, the walkthrough for the Knights scenario will be up within a month. Here’s that part of the walkthrough:

Infiltrate! Alexei Gang

The party intends to get to the bottom of the situation by joining one of Alexei’s parties. Nina can’t go, because Alexei knows her, however Wil must take someone else…talk to the person you want to take. I would STRONGLY reccomend not taking Cordelia. If you really wanna see why take her, but you’ll be sorry. You could always take her, then restart though. If you wanna see two different sides of the picture, then try it out. Anyways, I reccomend taking Tyler. Whoever it is you choose goes along ahead of you to join the expedition too. Now you can shop around in Thermes if you’d like, I didn’t though. When you’re ready, just leave to Westia.

Go in and talk to one of the people, and after some short conversation you’ll join their expedition, and go to the city of the night. Appearantly, they’re looking for an old man with a quell. Everyone goes to look at it, but Alexei stops Wil and messes with his mind a bit, you’ll see.

Afterward, you’ll be able to control the character you brought with you. First things first, go up the ladder and talk to the man up there. He’ll pick a fight with you; he ain’t that hard, just kick his ass. :stuck_out_tongue: Anyways, after you kill him, go up and exit the screen off the left side (You can go to the right side to go to where Alexei is and talk to him after you get new info; you can ask him some questions pertaining to the REAL reason why you’re here, also.) In this new screen walk into the first house you see. After that, go into the SECOND house and talk to the old man. Now exit the house and exit the screen from the north. In this screen, go to the left and enter the building (The bar). Ask around in the bar about Kisk (The name of the oldman with the Quell you’re looking for). They’ll tell you to go to his house. His house is on the screen you started at, inbetween the two staircases. Walk up to his door and knock on it. Someone will come by and tell you that Kisk is dead. Well well. Now, enter the bar and head out the back exit. Walk forward and you will be confronted by some people. They’ll ask you a question. Nod = Yes Shake your head = No. If you shake your head, you’ll get into a fight, but either way you have the same results. Go back in through the bar, and out the front door. Now go back to the first screen, and go to the bottom and exit on the stairs leading left (On the BOTTOM of the screen!) Now go up onto the rooftop, and there’s a building there. Press the switches in there on the left and right. Now go back to the screen where the bar is (Don’t go in the bar) and head behind it (All the way to the right side of the screen) (And uh be sure to talk to everyone you see along the way). Go inside the house you’ll see, and down the stairs. Talk to the lady there, and she’ll ask you if you’re an aquaintance of Kisk (Nod.). She’ll tell you about Kyle, who is a little boy, and relative of Kisk, and how blablabla, blablablabla…blablablaaaablaaaablaaaaa. And she’ll also tell you to meet him on his way home, cos he should be coming home soon. Anyways, go back to the bar and talk to the people there. They’ll acknowledge you as an aquaintance of Kisk. Now go talk to Alexei again, to progress this odd pursuit. Go up onto the rooftop and turn on the left and right switches again. Now talk to the kid on the balcony-esque thing. Now go back to the first screen, go up to the second screen (Towards the bar) And go into the old mans house. He’ll ask you a question (Either one is fine but I Shake my head to this one). Now leave and go to the screen where the bar is and talk to the kid hiding in between the buildings. Now go to the screen where Alexei is and exit the screen of the right side. Enter the building there, and try to head down the ladder. The little girl will tell you that Kyle is down there, but it’s too small to for adults to fit. No bother, exit the building. Talk to the doggie that’s right outside, then go to the bar and go through the back door. Now follow the path and eventually you’ll get to where the doggie is. Walk in the little hole on the stairs (In front of the doggie) To get up to the
entrance To where Kyle is. Talk to the person there, And answer his question with a Nod and enter the Well. Inside find Kyle (It isn’t that hard) And exit out the left. Alexei will confront you, and you’ll give him the Quell. He mentions that he’s going to the granite quarry. You’ll tell Wil that, won’t you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thankies, Mr. Garbage. :hahaha;