SaGa Composers

Which one would you like to see in a future SaGa game (if any) ?

Edit : I think it would be cool if Ryuji Sasai, Chijiro Fujioka and Kenji Ito would work together on a future SaGa game, while I’ve only heard of Fujioka in FFL3, perhaps his composing abilities have improved since ?

Umm, could you perhaps tell me who did what, exactly?

FFL1 - Nobuo Uematsu
FFL2 - Uematsu and Kenji Ito
FFL3 - Ryuji Sasai and Chihiro Fujioka (4 songs only)
RS1 - Ito and Uematsu (1 song only)
RS2 - Ito and Uemsatsu (2 songs only)
RS3 - Ito
SF1 - Ito
SF2 - Masashi Hamauzu
U.SaGa - Hamauzu

Uematsu is famous for of course, the Final Fantasy Series. He’s done a few other older NES games for Square, and he also started off the SaGa series.

Ito is known best for composing the majority of the SaGa games 4 1/2 games. He also composed the Bastard Child of the SaGa series, WildCard, for WSC I believe. Other than that, his other more famous works include the First Seiken Densetsu game, and a DC RPG called Culdcept 2.

Ryuji Sasai is a Squaresoft composer who has only done a few games. The only games I know that he has composed in are FFL3 (the majority of it), Rudra No Hihou, and he co-composed Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. He also did a few songs for a Squaresoft fighting game (?) called Tobal No. 1.

Chihiro Fujioka is the co-composer of FFL3. Only 4 songs. The Submarine theme, the Game over theme, the Uh-Oh theme, and the Ending. His/Her style is orchestral, and fairly well done from what I can tell. My best guesses are that he was not a VG Music composer, and probly scored movies. Either that or he’s a sound designer and not really big on composing. This happens: Yukio Nakajima, who composed the Lufias on GBC and GBA, is not a composer. The only thing is, in his case, it really shows. :stuck_out_tongue:

Masashi Hamauzu didn’t really do much before the SaGa games. The only other works of his that I know of are a few tracks on Front Mission: Gun Hazard, and some co-composition in Final Fantasy 10 which were pretty nice.

I’d like a mix of composers. However going for just one, I’d say Kenji Ito. As SaGa Frontier and Romancing SaGa 3 are very good sound tracks.


SaGa Frointer & Romancing SaGaIII=Ownz. Go Ito. (I’ve not played too much SaGa games i must admit)

Well, I’d vote for Hamauzu if he was on there, but since he isn’t, I’ll vote for Uematsu and Ito for their great FFL2 work.

Originally posted by Valkyrie Esker
Well, I’d vote for Hamauzu if he was on there,

I wouldn’t vote for him alone. But I’d glady accept his music if it was in Unlimited SaGa 2. Most likely name for the next SaGa. Unless they wait until PS3 for it. And then it may be something else.

Still I think it would have been to include him in the voting. Some of us do like SaGa Frontier 2 and Unlimited SaGa’s music. Some even more than the others. Of course some hate one or both of the game’s music.

However giving various opinions, the SF2/U.SaGa composer should still be one of the people to vote for.


I would have made a 5th choice with Hamauzu, but I was pretty drained last night so I did the poll a bit too quickly ^^;

Oh, and SG, Hamauzu did Chocobo’s Dungeon, while Sasai also did Bushido Blade 2.

I was not aware Fujioka only did 4 tracks in total… I’ll look up my ASOS Liner Notes tonight.

Oh, Both Ito and Sasai are no longer at Square(Square-Enix), they’re both freelance composers, like Mitsuda and Sakimoto.

Still Mitsuda did music in CC. So maybe Ito could do music in U.SaGa 2. However I’ll be realistic and expect Masashi to do the music in the next game. If it is made.


Probably Uematsu. I like his music.