Saga 4 signups!

Okay, if you don’t remember what happened in the third one, it became a big mess when I didn’t spell things out clearly enough.

Basically, the fourth saga (which is still in the process of being named) is starting soon, and I was wondering if any RPGC people wanted to be a part of it. Note that Weiila, Star, Poke, and Gemini are already in, so don’t post here (unless you want to say how stupid a fourth saga is when I planned to end it after three).

Anyway, here’s how the signup works. You post a bio for yourself in this thread. I then try to work you in as best I can. Here’s the template:

Name: (your name, duh)
Gender: (male? female? both? none?)
Height: (duh yet again)
Age: (your age, another duh)
Class: (your character class)
Alignment: (your D&D alignment)

A short description of yourself then follows.

Next, the most confusing part: power levels. Basically, this is how powerful you are in certain aspects. I tacked it on in the Daemon saga just for the heck of it.

Battle Power: (your physical strength and speed; 0-100 is pathetic, while 1000000 onwards is godly)
White Magic Power: (how skilled you are with White Magic)
Black Magic Power: (how skilled you are with Black Magic)

And then there’s techs. Just a list of what you can do, with a brief description of each one.

Okay, I hope this works out right this time.

Name: Pierson
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 10"
Age: 17
Class: Theif
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, if I understand what D&D I have read correctly. Help me out if I didn’t.

And the rest:

Pierson tends to be the kind of guy who’ll avoid battle when not convenient or necessary, but give it his all when it is. He’s slow to anger, but he’ll defend his friend’s lives to the death when they’re threatened, preferably the death’s of his enemie rather than his own.
He has no affinity or skill with magic, so tends to dodge like hell and get in close with his single long-handled and ornate (gotta be ornate, it’s the cliche) scythe before he gets blasted.

Battle Power: 900000 (gotta be good at something)
White Magic Power: 500
Black Magic Power: 100

Whirling Blade, where he basically spins his scythe around his hands like a baton-cum-propellor, reducing anything in his way to mincemeat.
Returning Blade, where he throws he weapon from his hands, and it acts as a very very sharp boomerang, slicing through anything that is in it’s flight path before returning to his hand.
Hell’s Blade. Using meditation, he hypes himsel finto a berserker rage, where friend and foe merge into one form, and he goes on a murderous rampage for a few dangerous minutes with his weapon. Only used as a desperate last resort, where he knows his allies are already out of the room, he is immune to pain or injury whilst killing indiscriminantly. Not used much except for last-stand situations.

Originally posted by Pierson
Name: Pierson
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 10"
Age: 17
Class: Theif
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, if I understand what D&D I have read correctly. Help me out if I didn’t.

That’s not everything, but it looks good so far.

Could I make my own bio this time? You didn’t let me in the first three?

Originally posted by JFGemini107
Could I make my own bio this time? You didn’t let me in the first three?

No. This is for everyone that isn’t automatically in. You were in the last three, so no.

I edited my first post to add the rest. if anything looks stupidly out of whack tell me and I’ll change it.

Originally posted by Pierson
I edited my first post to add the rest. if anything looks stupidly out of whack tell me and I’ll change it.

You did a good job, Pierson.

Name: GG Crono (goes by GG)
Gender: Male
Height 6’0"
Age: 17
Class: Swordsman
Alignment: Neuteral Good

GG can best be described as a wandering adventurer. Never with a specific destination in mind, GG never turns down a good quest, and is always willing to help people in need. He is also quick-witted, a fiercly loyal friend, and a bit of a wiseass. He doesn’t get angry often, but when he does, he can be NASTY. Loves pizza and hates puns.

Equipment: His weapon of choice is a custom-made, magic-imbued katana called Starcleaver. He also carries with him a “Bag” that he “borrowed” from a random RPG hero. And as you know, RPG hero “bags” can hold inhuman amounts of stuff.
Finally, he has one last weapon, that he only uses in desperate situations:A Spaceballs:The Flamethrower, which he keeps in his “bag”.

Battle Power: 30000
White Magic Power: 8000
Black Magic Power: 5000

Techs: can use all of Crono’s techs from Crono Trigger, and can use some low-level FF White and Support magic, and can sometimes cast Mighty Guard.

He also has a Limit Break, “Flame Soul”. In times of desperation, he can chant the incantation “Sanctus ignis, aduro mei animus!” , and by doing so, Starcleaver lights afire for a short period of time. During this time, GG himself is immune to fire. After it wears off, GG tends to be greatly exausted.

EDIT: Fixed a couple of typos that would cause problems later.

Name: Wilfredo Martinez, AKA WM or Wil
Gender: Male
Height: 5’11"
Age: 37
Class: Sage
Alignment: Neutral Good

WM, like most sages, loves to seek information (on EVERYTHING) for its own sake. But he’s a MODERN sage (no frocks for me!) He also has a sarcastic sense of humor that seems at odds with his wisdom. He usually avoids all the needless fights the others get into, but will fight if needed. His weapon of choice is the staff. Knows all spells, except healing and detection ones.
He also has a weakness for pretty women…

Battle Power: 1000
White Magic Power: 750000
Black Magic Power: 750000

Techs: None yet.

You know my name, personality, and other crap like that already, so I’ll just give the stuff you might not know exactly.

Class: Warrior-cleric
Chaotic Good
Battle Power: 900000
White Magic: 600000
Black Magic: 1200

Heee no problem. But to be honest I look at myself as more neutral good than any sort of evil.

But it’s up to you.

If this is it, expect work to begin soon!

Yaaaay! Can’t wait.:cool:

Name: Chris
Gender: Male
Height: 6’ 3’’
Age: 250
Class: Brood Prince/Hero/Magician
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Chris is one of the final members of a race that can become dragons, named the brood, he is one of the 3 kaisers of his generation. Chris has only known a few of his family, his foster father, a farmer was killed in the first attempt to kill him by a dark kaiser warlord, Jade. Chris went on to become the most powerful brood in many ways and kill Jade.

After his journey, he went on master magic, forge a powerful dragon sword, go on many adventures and aid the hero, Galloway, in his defeat of Naar. Chris has decided to aid Galloway again.

Battle Power: 850000
White Magic Power: 10
Black Magic Power: 5000

Equipment: Silenced Pistols, Dragon Sword.

Techs: Magic (almost any spell barring priestly magic.)
Kaiser Transformation.

Ok, is this bases on the SaGa series of games, or something different, like the Naar Saga?

Originally posted by PC Glenton
Ok, is this bases on the SaGa series of games, or something different, like the Naar Saga?

It’s like the Mox saga, Daemon saga, and Naar saga. It’s a completely new story. Sign up, if you feel like it. There’s still time.

Ah… I see.

I would sooner, but I thought it was something relating to the SaGa games, something I know nothing about.

THanks for the offer, though.

Name: PC Glenton Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 9"
Age: looks around 24.
Class: Technological based theif/fighter.
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Battle Power: 600,000 (Just guessing… most of my strength lies in my techniques and stratigies anyway… if you want to change it, feel free to.)
White Magic Level: 0
Black Magic Level: 0

Equipment: Dual Pistols, Sniper Rifle, Dragon Tooth Sword, Grenades, misc. techno gadgets (see techniques below)


MAVI: Stands for Magic Activated Viral Infection. A bio-engineered chemcial designed to weaken magical oponents. Fired in tranquilizer fashion from a concealed mini-crossbow. Strength of attack depends on how close to a vital organ it is hit. Think of it like casting posion on the magic supply.

Snipe: Just as it says, takes some time to aim for a vital organ.

Stealth: Makes an effort to become more hidden and quiet, good for ambushes or sneak attacks.

Heaven’s Sniper: A very dangerous weapon… for both sides of the conflict. To put it simply, its an orbital satillite controlled by a modified GPS on my person that fires a huge blast of energy (like C&C’s Ion Cannon). Unfortunately, its anything but simple. Its a very complex weapon, and I haven’t quite got the hang out of it… meaning, it’s pretty much a gamble using it…

Personality and traits(ok if I hold off the bio, considering I have an origin story?): PC is greedy, daring, manipulative, and quite unpredictable. He often switches from serious to humorous constantly. However, he is very fast and agile, and quite observant, seeing things others don’t. However, he is very weak to magic… it seems to hate him, for some reason. He also loves a good fight, and can be a very strategic fighter to make up for his so-so strength.

(If this is too much, or too little, let me know, ok? I have a tendancy to get carried away.)

What about our deep-rooted hatred of each other for some reason, Glenton? Am I that unimportant? ;_;

Actually… to be honest, I thought you forgot about that, and maybe didn’t want to continue it…

But, I am more then pleased to continue wishing for your head on my wall. As for how it got around… I suppose I tried to rob some holy Odin artifact, and in fighting for it, it broke…

You broke an Odin artifact? You fool! Now his wrath will descend on us and fry us all in the holy cleansing fire of blah blah blah.

Is there ana ctual storyline reason why you two hate each other?