Saddam Vs GWB

a friend suggested this

“I think Saddam Hussein and George Dubbya should duke it out in a bathtub. Yes, a all-out brawl just between the two of them, complete with boxing gloves, hot soap, and bubbles.”


and this is not me, so dont say im crazy.

And this is quoted.


Regardless if you came up with it or not, you’re still crazy for bringing it up.

…wow, that’s stupid.


Celebrity deathmatch, where their souls are right in the bits of clay and they end up killing each other, the end. Wasn’t that a great story. wakes up Damnit it wasn’t real ;_;

Tell him to lay off the weed.

You and your Dad should seek professional help immediately.

(No “:P” smilie included)

Sorry for degrading the human race.