Sad to see the passing of trt

Through the winds of time we flow, seeing things come and go, and even though we bid farewell, you’ll always be the Rirse we love and know.

Goodbye? is deeply confused Is Rirse leaving?

TRT shut down, Alyx.

TRT will be missed…while not the best thing on the net, it was always good for a few chuckles. And I still have the sprite Rirse made of me dressed up like Kefka. :mwahaha:

How sad.
Bye TRT. I’ll pretend to miss you.

Yeah, I’ll ‘miss’ TRT. Now I have no new episodes of pointless drivel to put me to sleep.

Holds up flame shield Whats TRT?

Twisted RPG Theatre, Rirse’s RPGC themed web comic. I never really found it entertaining, so I didn’t read it.

But it’s sad that you quit man.