Sad day

Well, it seems that several bad things have happened at once. My dad is going blind and needs surgery. He also (because of his situation) got laid off. My mom is having more back pains and needs to get on another pain medication. I’m without a job, and now finished with this semester at Digipen. Having all this financial burden hitting my family, I will be unable to attend E3 this year. I was excited about going, and looked forward to it.

Yeah, money problems suck. :bowser:

>_< Sorry Izlude. Family > Videogames, it’s a close call, but it’s true. There’s also next year anywho. I hope stuff gets better :slight_smile:

Oh man… I’m sorry to hear this. Does your dad have some kind of pension plan or something?

For the record, I know I’ve been one of the people antagonistic with you in the past, but now we’ve entered the realm of a more serious discussion, and I would never wish harm or anything like that on someone just because of someone or something they like, so don’t get me wrong.

Thanks guys. I’ve never taken the insults or pessimistic comments to heart (some people thought I did), I know you guys are good people at heart, sept Hades of course.

My dad is really scared about all of this, and my mom is stressed. We have new insurance coming into effect somtime this year to replace the old (through my dad’s work) but we arent sure what it’ll cover yet.

sits quietly I’m sure things will work out. I hope

How can you get new insurance through your father’s work if he got laid off?

That sounds horrible…I can only imagine what you’re going through. We’re having financial trouble as well due to my dad leaving, but we’ll manage. So I can sympathize with you on that note.

Good luck with your parent’s injuries. Hopefully things will work out, once some financial stuff kicks in…right?

well hopefully ur dad will get the surgery, ur mom will get the medication, u will get a job, and you will some how be able to get to the e3. I dont care what some people say, but ill pray for you and ur family.

There are many insurance plans for unemployed/self-employed people. I know when my mother was an independent contractor, she didn’t get any of that “employee insurance policy” benefit, so she had to find her own. It’s just that most businesses supply insurance policies that most people don’t get their own.

Yeah, money sucks. Good luck with your troubles.

Good luck.

Didn’t you used to work at Gamestop? What happened to that?

Anyway, that really sucks, man. I’m really familiar with the burden that money problems put on a family, so I feel ya. It may seem hard, and time always seems slower when there are money problems, but you’ll make it through.

Everyone will need to make sacrifices. Don’t let it get you down.

I’m sorry to hear about all the troubles that you and your family are going through right now. I’ll be wishing you and your family all the best. I’m sure if you stick together you’ll make it through all right.

Sorry to hear that, Iz. Hopefully you’ll get the insurance money you need to treat your dad, that’s the most important thing right now. You might get to go to E3 sometime later in your life. especially if you develop your game/art skills. Focus on your family now, they need your support. Best wishes.

Oh dear… I’m sorry to hear about that, Izlude. I wish you and your family all the best.

Sorry about that, I can sympathize. Hope it all gets better.

You’re one of the few people I liked around here, so to hear that this is happening to you, well, it sucks. All I can really say is good luck, and that I hope everything works out in the end. And of course, don’t give up just because it seems hopeless. Once you hit the bottom, there’s nowhere else to go, but up, right?

You could also go nowhere and stay at the bottom. But yeah words of encouragement. :ark:

I had to quit gamestop when I went back to school this past semester. I’m currently trying to get back into the old store, and if that doesnt work, I’m looking for a job at Red Robin. Waiting tables should provide some decent money from tips.

well… that sucs for you…
but think about the slavery and black market goingon in hidden parts of middle east, and africa, and you are way better off.