Don’t think there’s been a thread about this yet… <.<

Anyway, I went to go see it today. Basically the only good thing I have to say is that Colin Farrell looks really nice. Oh, and so do LL Cool J’s abs. :stuck_out_tongue: The plot was pretty weak, character interaction was minimal… There were a few amusing moments, but some of them weren’t MEANT to be amusing. They had a good cast, the script just really didn’t let them live up to their potential.

But before the movie, I got to see the trailers for The Underworld… and there was something else that looked good, but I don’t remember what it is. <.<; Cold Creek Manor looked ok - another typical “scary haunted house eats the inhabitants” movie. :stuck_out_tongue:

So… yeah. Just felt like sharing.

I plan on watching it… looks alright to me.

i’m gonna watch it sometime and it does look good, but i’ll probably be disappointed by it. just like every film that looks good to me.

OK, I would have replied to this sooner but I was tired.

I did see this a couple of days ago and it was pretty good. It’s not a spectacular thriller of the ages, but it’s a good way to spend a night at the movies, (especialyl with all the good releases coming out this week, bleh).

What I liked about this movie is that it was actually based in reality. Everything was pretty plausible, you didn’t have SWAT people jumping off of rooftops only to land on their feet and keep moving. The SWAT officers had lives and reasons to keep going and such. So yeah, i enjoyed it.

3 out of 4 stars.

What is this ‘SWAT’ to which you are referring? I assume it to be a movie, but I’ve never even heard its name, let alone a plot. Someone fill me in please?

S.W.A.T looks horrible, and I beleive Underworld is supposed to be about a Werewolf and Vampire that are in love, but are conflicting races.

S.W.A.T stands for Special Weapons and Tactics (someone correct me if I’m wrong). It’s a special divison of the police force. The movie’s based off the tv show, which I heard was horrible, but I have no idea; never watched it.

As for the plot… uh… not exactly the most INTRICATE. It has a couple of twists, but they’re fairly predictable, other than that it’s your run of the mill action-movie-with-cops. It wasn’t BAD… but I think it could’ve been alot better, had they livened up the script. My opinion… rent it.

Oh and yeah, The Underworld looks like a romance between a female vampire (Kate Beckinsale?) and a male werewolf (looks like the guy from Felicity, if anybody’s heard of that show <.<) They’re feuding but then the two fall in love, etc. There’s more going on than that, but that’s all that I remember at the moment. I think it looks cool.

Damn it, this is why I hate living in the UK, we have to wait to hear about EVERYTHING.

The underworld has an interesting premise, where no longer is it humans vs monsters, but rather monsters vs monsters, both of whom are mytholigically immortal, which makes it interesting because they are technically fighting an immortal war.

So yea. Plus the chick has a nice ass.

Originally posted by Sorcerer
the chick has a nice ass.

I’m seein it.
War. Nice asses. I’m in.

S.W.A.T. is crap incarnate, as my friend Mike put it.

That goes for a great many films recently released. Goes to check out this ass everyone is impressed with.