Russia and China drop the dollar, become best buddies

Chinese experts said the move reflected closer relations between Beijing and Moscow and is not aimed at challenging the dollar, but to protect their domestic economies.


Dear America, Fuck you and your lame, dying economy. We’re eloping and making our own trade lovechild. Best Wishes, Russia + China <3<3<3

Ха-ха!! Пошел на хуй, Америка!!

If it were just a matter of flipping the bird at America, they could just’ve adopted the Euro, as some arabian nations tried a few years ago. This is much bigger than just saying “no” to dollar.

The celebration has already begun in Russia!!

Except the RMB is still pegged to the dollar and China still owns over a trillion dollars of treasury securities so this means LITERALLY nothing. hope this helps

Ha-ha, nice! I am stunned and delighted by this brilliant display of linguistic prowess :wink:
Mind you, I was even more stunned and delighted when not too long ago you mentioned one of my childhood heroes.
But I would use пошла на хуй instead of пошeл in this “well-wishing” to Aмерикa due to the quirky Russian gender of countries: oн (e.g. Казахстан) пошел, oнa (e.g. Aмерикa) пошла.

And even with “Batman & Robin” power duo preaching the virtues ofa supranational currency, after reshuffling its portfolio and gradually reducing U.S. dollar securities in the last few years, Mother Russia still holds about half of its foreign currency reserves in U.S. dollars (over $200 billion as of the end of last fiscal year).

I thought that Renminbi was officially unpegged from $ a few months ago:

Agh, learning Danish is killing my Russian grammar! I should’ve considered the ending.

Danish? Why’d you want to learn Danish? No one can communicate with Danes, not even Danes! Clearly you should be learning Norwegian. Furthermore, yes, this won’t really make much of an actual difference, it is a signal though.

The only reason I could come up with for both China and Russia to drop the dollar is so that they can eventually inflate the exchange rates for their currency before calling out on the US’s debts.

Also congrats on your 4k post Arac.:toast:

Doesn’t it only fluctuate within a small margin though, therefore the furore in the WTO?

I started learning Danish since I planned to study abroad there (programs in Norway were unavailable, for the record), now I just figure I might as well finish what I started. I can actually read Norwegian decently well, though. I write it considerably less well, and speak it very poorly; unfortunately, the only people around me who spoke Norwegian when I was trying to learn spoke Nynorsk, while I had learned to read Bokmål, making my spoken Norwegian some sort of bastard offspring of the two.

Oh, wow, thanks! I didn’t even notice. I would make a questions thread, but I’m late, I feel they’ve fallen out of style, and it would be altogether overshadowed by SK’s (for which I’m still trying to make a good question).

No one actually speaks Nynorsk or Bokmål - unless they want to sound terribly awkward - we use various dialects, so the fact you’re speaking a bastard offspring of the two is actually a good thing.

That’s correct. If you chart the movement of the RMB over the last five years or so, you’ll see it’s been heading in only one direction (with very slight adjustments in the other direction here and there), with a brief 20-or-so-month pause where it didn’t move at all from 6.83 RMB/USD. However, if you chart it against other currencies that make up the so-called “Basket” you’ll see that the RMB has fluctuated against those currencies in the exact same pattern the USD has against them. By saying it’s pegged to a basket of currencies, all it really means is that if the Euro fluctuates too widely against the dollar, the Chinese central bank has the right to readjust its dollar peg in the opposite direction so that Chinese exports to the Euro zone don’t become too expensive.

Oh, really? That’s encouraging, although I think I’m too close to just speaking Bokmål with a weird accent and slightly-messed-up grammar not to sound a little awkward. Probably a lot less awkward than I thought, though.

Slightly off-topic, but is there by any chance some kind of national rivalry between Norway and Greece? I ask because in a recent episode of Batman: The Brave And The Bold, when the Norwegian heroine Ice learns that the Earth is about to be invaded by the vilest race in the universe, she gasps, “The Greek!” She repeats it later. Note that she’s a ditz, so she didn’t say it as an (intentional) joke.

Edit: Of course it’s a joke, but only we, the audience realize that. She was apparently serious!
(The other characters did look at her funny, but probably more for “Hey we’re dealing with an alien invasion here” than “Hey don’t insult the Greeks!”) :stuck_out_tongue:

oh jeeze



Nah, just randomness.

Batman…the Brave and the Bold!?!? That’s now the gayest show title I know.