ok so i used to play this stupid game, cuz it was the only 3D mmorpg i couls find, but it gets really repetitive and im bored of it. Any one got any suggestions for other games i could play, something online for free! im cheap! i eat spam instead of bacon…:spam:

You won’t find a good, <strike>free</strike> MMO since they don’t exist.

I think Runescape is a fine game…well thats just me

Adventure Quest, FallenSword? But if you want any good ones your going to have to pay for them.

Edit:The ones I suggested still suck, try them if you wish.

There’s Rubies of Eventide, but the character-creation system took so long that I’ve never actually started playing it.

While runescape is quite horrible, I was under the impression that is was one of the better free online MMORPGs. There was this one cool free chess type games I found once, where the pieces where wizards and knights and stuff, though I can’t remember what it is called.

There’s FlyFF, and Endless Online.