Run > Cmd problems (comp help thread)

I’m trying to get a console-based program called desproxy to work, to get around my uni network problems, but whenever I try and use the desproxy.exe file, it automatically shuts itself down! And I can’t use Run > Cmd because it always opens with a C:\Documents and Settings\Owner prompt.

Just how do I make this thing work? I’ve no experience with these kind of problems >:\

you use cmd, then do cd… twice to get to your c drive root, then run it. I mean, how hard is that?

Pretty hard enough when you’ve never, ever had to use cmd for anything and you don’t know it, actually. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks though. It worketh well. :smiley:

Oh, right, you kids who grew up with GRAPHICAL interfaces. is as much a friend to me as Optimus Prime. :ark:

Kids? You’re only two years older then me. And I used command interfaces when I was young!

Optimus Prime? Holy shit. I only know Ultra Magnus. :stuck_out_tongue:

I know how to use dos and i’m younger than piershit.

Yeah, see Steve, there’s this called ‘memory’, and it’s like a seive. See, the things at the BOTTOM, which don’t get used very often, like DOS commands, tend to FALL OUT as new things get put IN, USEFUL things, which get used EVERY DAY, unlike, oh, say, DOS. Should I use smaller words, Stevedick? :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s not like dos uses a complicated system.

That’ll teach to to ask for help again you silly silly man.

Neither is reading a book, unless you don’t know how to READ. :stuck_out_tongue:

Actually I’d pay good money to see you people all workig in Tech Support somewhere. Hilarity would doubtless ensue.

nub. I’ve got the worst memory ever and i can do DOS and Unix (BASH).

*flees from wrath of pier’s son.


Says the one who didn’t know how to login as root a few months ago =p

shhhh >>;;

yeah Pie you suck!!!1111

I did work in Tech Support. For a High School. You really can’t find a larger group of idiots then that.

I miss the days of /bin/sh.

Yes, you can.

I did first-line technical support for HAIRDRESSERS. They should not be allowed to operate a watch, some of them! :-/

If you’ve gotten this to work, Pirre, when shall we see you in the Chatroom again? We’s be missin’ you. :stuck_out_tongue: