Rumble Roses fans


I don’t have the game, and probably will not, but I was wondering if you all could help. Candy Cane entered the tournament to get money for an orphanage correct? But isn’;t she a heel? Or is she a good guy? Is “Bunny” a the hero version of her? Thanks.

Yeah, she entered to get money to save her orphanage, but although her intentions are noble, I believe she’s a heel because of her attitude towards everyone else. Although I think someone with that attitude in real life would probably be more of a face anyway (an antihero, perhaps). I mean, she comes out, she plays a guitar, her theme is called “Let’s Have Some Fun” or something like that, and she wears a short skirt, what’s not to like?

(On that note, I think Becky, in spite of being all kind and innocent and stuff, would be less likely to be cheered and popular than Candy Cane.)

that’s what I thought!