Rud and Xbox Expo

Well, I’ve just returned from an Expo by Xbox…

Man, The games looked awesome, but it was more like sales meeting or something. The first 30 mins was this guy talking about the estimated sales of Halo 2 and how many copies each of the stores were going to have. Boring as hell.

Then came the previews…

Binx 2 looks alright. “It’s one of only 4 childrens titles being released this year blah blah blah.” Looks kinda fun to mess around with, at least.

Fable looks awesome. He’s doing the whole gameplay thing. Showed a first save in the starting town or what not when you’re a kid. He’s talking about all the features and crap, and then runs up and boots the shit out of a chicken. The Crowd went NUTS. He did some more crazy shit, too for more laughs.

Halo 2 was clearly their highlight for the night. They showed all kinds of clips from the news and shit of all the publicity they’re doing and crap. Showed some guy they’ve paid to be around Australia to promote it in the Master Chief suit. Crazy shit. The Gameplay was clearly awesome. I think my brothers and I shall purchase this for each other for Christmas. :stuck_out_tongue:

Nearing the end of the night, they had a few give aways. A bit of Trivia to win some free games. I think there were a couple of copies of Fable, some of Binx, and some other ‘Best Sellers’ games won (DOA, Halo 1).

Nearing the end of the night, We had the Crazy guy in the Master Chief suit come in. With him coming in, A seat number was to be randomly drawn to win an AWESOME Halo 2 jacket. The guy next to me ended up winning it (It’s all good, it was my boss :P). Afterwards we go <a href=“”>some photos done with Master Chief</a> and that was the end of the night.

Oh, also, they were out of showbags :(. They took our names down and stuff, and said they’re going to send them to our stores so we don’t miss out.

Overall a fun night, even if the start was a bit like a sales meeting thing.

;_; I loved the first blinx.

Really? I thought it pretty much sucked. I just couldn’t get into it and I’ve tried several times.

Sounds like fun Rud. It’s be neat to go to one of those things sometime.