ruby weapon

how do you beat ruby weapon because i dont have knights of the round because the chocobo thing takes too long and i am about lv 80 give or takes 3 levels for each character and i dont know how to get mime or anything i just have the good materia mastered loads of times and i dont know how to beat emerald weapon for many reasons but ruby is my main priority


Knights of the Round is almost vital if you want to beat the Emerald and Ruby weapons. Very difficult if you do not have a gold chocobo.

One thing to do is to summon Hades, which can Stop Ruby Weapon. No counterattacking when stopped! I’m much bigger on using KotR with Emerald Weapon than with Ruby though. It seems that at least several people around here have KotR-free strategies for beating Ruby.

There have been several threads about this recently… performing a search of the boards would probably be helpful and less redundant.

You REALLY should get at least the Mime Materia, but if you are insane enough to try this without Mime, W-Summon and KotR (Or the next best thing: Bahamut ZERO), you can use Hades like Vicki said and throw your best blows at it. Just remember to have two of your characters dead at the beginning of the fight so Ruby doesn’t blow you out every time you land a hit.

And you should probably beat Emerald Weapon first, as he is easier and if the chocobo thing takes too long for you, beating Emerald will give you the master summon materia, which has all the summons.

The easiest strategy is simply to kill off two of your teammates so Ruby doesn’t use the quicksand. AFter that you should have the KotoR materia, the W Summon Materia (or whatever akes it so you can summon two summons) and the mime materia and the HP Drain materia attached to the KotoR. Just double summon KotoR and then Mime. Keep on mining and it’ll eventually kill Ruby.

Along with that, I’d like to add the suggestion of commas and other punctuation. It wont kill the Ruby, but it will make you sound much more intellegent.

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Jango, you like KoToR? It was a great game I think! :wink:


Unless, I’m very much mistaken he is talking about Knights of the Round (KoTR). Not Knights of the Old Republic (KoToR).

Oh well.

You need KOTR because Ruby has an insane physical defense. My Omnislashes (Ultima Weapon+9999HP) Barely did any damage. Roughly 750 per hit, but the number may vary since I fought Ruby long ago.