Rubber Johnny

<a href=“”>Like the title says.</a>

Edit: This thing’s weird as hell :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to be a troll or anything but what the fuck? That was pretty stupid. I hope I’m missing something.

I thought it was kinda cool looking :frowning:
I just wish I could see the whole thing.

Edit: You did watch past the first part with the doctor-like person, right?

Yeah, I’ve already seen that on a board where they mistook the 1st part with some kind of alien video. They didn’t watch it till the end hehe…

Ah, here we go. It’s from the director of Come To Daddy by Aphex Twins. That explains the Aphex Twins tunes in it. Apparently the DVD with this on it comes with a 40 page book that’s the real highlight, rather than the video itself.
The director is Chris Cunningham.

Hey wtf I sent that to Jenna first and she probably sent it to you >:(

Stop stealing my thunder! >:(

I guess jenna is a <a href=“”>completely different messageboard</a> huh?

WTF? O.o

Oh, it’s techno

That one long thing you sent scared the hell out of me.

But I certainly didn’t pass anything on. >.<