any one now any good fantasy rpgs that are out? cuase im looking around and mostly crap turns up. l:bowser: p:unch::

There’s this game called Final Fantasy, or something? I dunno, I’ve never heard of it myself.

ok…thats on my fav rpg next to my avatar…but w/e

OMG I herd of that game. I believe it’s very popular

Try out Lunar: Silver Star Story and Lunar: Eternal Blue

Chrono Cross
Chrono Trigger
Final Fantasy I-X & X-2
Star Ocean 2 & 3
Xenosaga Ep 1 & 2
Parasite Eve 1 & 2
Grandia 1, 2, and 3 (don’t get Xtreme)

Mkay ty

  • Writes everthing on to “Buy list”*

Please mind it’s a tad difficult finding the first two Grandia games, as well as Xenogears and both Parasite Eves. If you spot them, they are worth the arm and leg.

Really, i have a place downtown where i live and they sell those for 3 bucks and theyve been there for years, ima go there today and pick them up

o and a good fantasy rpg is Ys1-6 there pretty good

Morrowind is a total gem, and comes to think of it, still relatively new.

Bullshit, PE1/2, and XG for 3$?

PE2 is garbage and not worth 3$.

hell yeah I can get all those shitty games 3 dollars each not all together

Both Zero and yourself must not have good taste in games.

what are you being sarcastic? those games arent to bad, well atleast xenogears isnt

Breath of Fire series is pretty good, if you can find them : /.

If you have a GBA or DS, you can get the first two BoFs at someplaces. The PSP is supposedly getting the third.

Or you can be smart and buy a PSP and emulate all RPG’s you want prior to PS2. : )

I’m currently trying to find BoF III for ps1. <sarcasm> I’m having fun trying to do that </sarcasm>

I bought a copy a while back and returned it 'cause it was pure shit. It might still be at that store. :S