RPGC's Useless RPG Character : Normation Period

Hi everyone, this is Rirse here starting up a competition of the greatest losers of all time, the useless rpg character. If this sounds familar, then you are right, as the now deceased TheGIA made a similar feature before (Archive verison found here. ).

For a week time I will hold a normation period to gather people choices for the worst character rpg of all time. To aid you, I will put all the character normationed by TheGIA into the contest automaticlly.

<center><b>The List of Losers</b>

Biggs and Wedge – Final Fantasy 6 (DragonNessa)

Boo – Baldur’s Gate II (Ren)

Bowman – Star Ocean 2 (Evangelion)

Cait Sith - Final Fantasy 7 (TheGIA)

Cid – Final Fantasy 4 (KaiserVonAlmasy)

Cyan – Final Fantasy 6 (d Galloway)

Donald and Goofy – Kingdom Hearts (Faetan)

Edward - Final Fantasy 4 (TheGIA)

Gau - Final Fantasy 6 (Merlin)

Gobi – Breath of Fire 1 (DomaDragoon)

Jetboy – Shadowrun (GG Chrono 4)

Jogurt - Shining Force (TheGIA)

Kakuna - Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow (TheGIA)

Katrina - Ultima : Quest of the Avatar (TheGIA)

Kelvin (Devish) – Seiken Densetsu 3 (Pokefreak 85)

Knight of Justice - King Arthur and the Knights of Justice (TheGIA)

Light Class - Seiken Densetsu 3 (Sinistral)

Magikarp – Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow (DomaDragoon)

Maribel – Dragon Warrior 7 (Sinistral)

Mary – Persona (Igatona)

MeiLin – Terranigma (Rirse)

Metapod – Pokemon Blue/Red/Yellow (ClessAlvein)

Mogi – Breath of Fire 1 (GG Chrono 4)

Myron – Fallout 2 (ClothHat)

Nalia De’Arnise – Advance Dungeon and Dragons (Seraphim Ephyon

Perel – Terranigma (Rirse)

Piere – Chrono Cross (DomaDragoon)

Pokey - Earthbound (TheGIA)

Qlon - Suikoden 1 (TheGIA)

Rafa and Malak - Final Fantasy Tactics (TheGIA)

Relm – Final Fantasy 6 (Valkyrie Esker)

Shana – Legend of Dragoon (DomaDragoon)

Spar – Breath of Fire 2 (GG Chrono 4)

Stargo – Final Fantasy 6 (Rountree)

Sue – Gradia (Heaven’s Solider)

Tidus – Final Fantasy 10 (Xachariah)

Umaro – Final Fantasy 6 (d Galloway)

Note that next to the name is the person who norminated the person. And I will continue to update this list later to showcase new entries. This is not a voting period, so don’t try it yet.

Ivan? How could you add Ivan?! He learned Mind Read and Reveal! Not to mention Whirlwind. You NEEDED him. Also, his electric magics…

I agree with X on Golden Sun. And BTW, malak may suck, but Rafa is accualy useful. She’s good for finding stuff in the deep dungeon.

And BTW, I vote Jogurt. He makes Edward look like Orlandu.

Myron from FO2

Thanks you everyone so far, but don’t forget to tell me the full name of the game, as I don’t want to search the database for a hour. :smiley: Anyway, what is FO2, Clothy?

Gau (FF6)

I dropped the voting three times rule as nobody cared. Just remember, full name of the game, as I hate to enter a long period of time to find a game.

I second Merlin’s nomination of Gau [Final Fantasy 6].

Final Fantasy 4’s Cid is also rather useless, too.

Gau? Are you kidding me? What about Strago? Ick.

I almost said Relm, but I realized that she has the highest magic rating in the game.

Sorry Rirse, but Ivan is far from useless. Remove him before I remove you >_>

Cait Sith. Enough said. hides from the big scary toysaurus

Lady has a point, that big stupid toy was so useless!

For my vote I’m going with Sue, from GRANDIA, she was just so annoying with that stupid Puffy on her head.

Mary (Persona 1)

Against a monster, she either

A) gets poked and dies


B) She survives, but since she never had a chance to hit the enemy, she doesn’t get any EXP.

Relm, FFVI. She sucks, plain and simple.

Relm, Strago, Gau, Cyan, and Umaro from FF6. They all suck, especially Strago (he’s a freaking BLUE MAGE!).

Gau and Relm suck big time. (Final Fantasy VI)
And of course Tidus, although not that unuseful i hate him plain and simple (Final Fantasy X)

oh, and i’m pretty sure that by FO2, cloth hat means Fallout 2

EDIT: Umaro RULES!!!

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> What on earth is an Normation period? :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously Rirse, work on your grammar.

Originally posted by Xachariah
And of course Tidus, although not that unuseful i hate him plain and simple (Final Fantasy X)



Scrolls back up

Heh, so I’m gullible, but he DOES seem a lil useless as a fighter, for a main character I mean, when Auron does about twice as much damage.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> That’s because he’s more based on speed than power.

Why is Qlon on the list? S/he’s an NPC. You never have him/her on your team.