RPGC's new PC craze?!

<A href=“http://www.3dgamers.com/games/wolfensteinet/” target="_blank">http://www.3dgamers.com/games/wolfensteinet</A>

The backstory:

Activision was planning an expansion for Wolfenstein, unfortunately, after being in development for a while, the single player mode was not up to the standards Activision was expecting. The multiplayer on the other hand, was quite good, so rather than scrapping the whole project, Activision decided to release the expansion as a free game to the public. It’s multiplayer-only, and it requires a good computer, but it’s also <em>LEGALLY</em> free for download.

Hopefully if this gains enough interest here, we could start some RPGC games, just like the Starcraft games of old.

Ooooh. Now this I like. Downloads

Bla, requires DX8.1, meaning it won’t work… C’mon, release some DX9 stuff already >.<

We’ve been playing that nonstop at the last LAN, or almost nonstop.

SCHNELL! SCHNELL! WHERE IS THE SHEIZERPORN (I have no idea what Rahvin said but it did sound like that.)

I am the Panzerfreak.

Originally posted by Mabatsekker
Bla, requires DX8.1, meaning it won’t work… C’mon, release some DX9 stuff already >.<

…you do know directx is backwards compatible as far as I know, since most things that say version blah needed actually say *Version blah or higher required. All Im sayin is you can more than likely play if your only worry is the directx

Direct X is compatable with all DX-based programs all the way back to the release of DX 1.0…

the other forum that I visit (http://www.vgmuseum.com) has already started doing this. They say that it’s really fun and now I am finally downloading it after 2 of my message boards reccomend it.

I serously doubt we can get enough people for good RPGC only games. I seems like you would at least 16 people to have a good game and it’s hard enough just getting 4 for Starcraft.

I would be willing to play though if we can spark that kind of interest.

Looks good. Unfortunately, I could never get multiplayer to work in RtCW, but if it works here, I might be interested.

I’ll be there.

Man, I had this before my last format. Gives me an excuse to find the CD key for RTCW now.

“I’m a medic.”

You don’t need a cd key or anything to play it. It’s a free, stand alone, online only game. I haven’t played RtCW so I don’t know how it compares, but it is good for being free. All you need to do is download it (for me, that took a good 5 hours, but it’s worth it for a free game this good :ah-ha!: )

Uber Super teh cool!

Heh, seeing as how this is my first PC FPS, I’m ready to play somebody! So who wansta play?

You don’t “play somebody” in an FPS, you play with people. A bit of a difference.

We could always do like duels with the guns or maybe even with knives for the heck of it.