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There is NO FRIGGIN WAY that I’m gonna be part of Team “Kabob”. Give us a differetn name, dammit!

How about Lokiluv? Or maybe YOU could be Patooie?

But… I like Kabob. Alright. Kabob is now… I don’t know. If you don’t like Kabob think up a name.

Whoa, hell yeah I wanna be the Host. Thanks. Woohoo!


For some reason, I am getting a feeling we were just tricked into becoming the main course at Charlie’s cannibal feed…

Or maybe its just me.

Originally posted by Charlemagne
Whoa, hell yeah I wanna be the Host. Thanks. Woohoo!

No prob. Just remember, you can’t say ‘fuck’ on the show. Anything else is fine lol. Now, I need to get typing.

First chapter posted now. Sorry if this one is really short, I just want to get it started. I don’t expect this one to be very good.
Here it is:


Hosted by Charlemagne (Mwahaha.)

Day I: 2:00 p.m.
Charlemagne: Welcome to Insanity… err, Peace Island!

Valkyrie Esker: Oh boy. This is going to be REAL fun.

Charlemagne: Now then, M.O.I. will print out the tribe list.

Ooka: What’s M.O.I.?

M.O.I.: Hello. I am M.O.I. The Mechanically Operated Idiot.

Manus Dei: That’s wonderful.

M.O.I. prints some papers out.

Charlemagne: Ok, 5 cups lemon juice, 2 cups of smashed lemon cookies… M.O.I., this is Macc’s Lemon Surprise recipe.

M.O.I.: Oops.

M.O.I. prints out more paper.

Charlemagne reads the list.

Chris of the Brood
PC Glenton

Valkyrie Esker
Lord Zhou Yu
Heaven’s Soldier
Manus Dei

Ooka: Why are Chris-chris and her friends all on the same tribe?

All look at M.O.I.

M.O.I.: He he.

M.O.I. rolls away.

Charlemagne: Now then, time for the first Death… err… Immunity Challenge. Each tribe will be tied together. Now, all you have to do is climb up the mountain. Each tribe has their own side.

Tribes get tied together.

Charlemagne: GO!

The tribes start to climb up. Pootietang takes an easy lead, while Kabob falls a little behind.

Valkyrie Esker: Ouch! You stepped on my foot Manus!

Manus Dei: Did not!

Valkyrie Esker: Did too!

Chris-chris: Stop arguing!

The Kabob tribe falls.

Meanwhile, Pootietang reaches the top.

Charlemagne: Pootietang wins!

Chris of the Brood: Alright!

Charlemagne: Alright, Kabob tribe, vote somebody off. (A.K.A. PM Dante Cole.)

To be continued.

Valkyrie Esker: WHAT! WHAT WAS THAT! Why would I say Manus step… Ouch.

M.O.I. quietly rolls away.

Please Kabobs, PM me your votes!

I would post you my vote, but your PM box is full, sort it out already!! This is good, and I want to get on with it.


EDIT: ???I don’t know what this here post is doing 'cause I don’t remember making it???

Ok, now send your votes. My PM box is emptied.

Pwnage…We Won…I Did Nothing But…We Won!

Yay! We won!

I bet half of you don’t knoe your supposed to PM ME YOUR VOTES.


alright, i must remind you that you don’t want to accidentially end up doing anything like this with PMs. a’right, dante?

How dreadful…split the votes up, Dante, let one team send someone the votes and have the other votes sent to someone else. It wont be that hard to notice a trend in voting I bet:p

I can hadle it, my CPU just crashed. Will the real Kabob votes please make their way to my PM box.

I would just like to say, right now, that I wouldn’t say that to anyone who stepped on my foot. I’d just punch their lights, out, put him/her over my left shoulder, and continue waking without a single gripe.

Try not to lose our votes this time!!

And Val, lets hope we win the next challenge, or we will be losing members really quickly!!

Ok, will Chris-chris, Stevus, and SoulDivider, please send me their votes. PLEASE!