RPGClassics Fanfiction Idea!!

That’s right, people! I love you all sooo much (not too sure if it was a good thing I said that…) that I’m gonna do a Fanfiction. It’s a crossover with FF8, because some of the people here, myself included end up in Final Fantasy 8, while a few other try to get us out (might change that…) anyways, Marshmellows is the only person I know who wants to be in it. Can I do it, please??? If so, who wants in??? :wave:

Name: +~ Billy ~+

Gender: female

Age: fogoten but she thinks shes 16-17

hair: white with black streks is a bit below her shoulders

Eyes: ones yellow and they other ones blue

aperence: has a nose ring tongue ring belly butten ring ears piced and right eyebrow piced.wheres bagy pants that are to big for her (black) top thats to small for her (black) and waers a neckless with a cross rings on every finger and two black braclets on her left hand.

Persanlaty: cool but keeps two her self loves a good fight and never backs down!!get angry easy.she got knock out when she as young and can’t rember much but her name!

hope ur happy know

Luv the new pic, Marshmellows! But, um…it has to be Marshmellows, 'cause this has the characters from this very site on it. For instance, I stay Lady Angel, so yeah…

No need to get mad at me…sniff…:eek:

Oh yeah, um…you can’t swear on this site, I don’t think…

what eva :boring: im going to bed good night all talk to ya later angel :cool: oh i think you can swear im not shore but any way i didnt swear i put ! and * so there good night:boring:

I don’t think you’ve been here long enough to properly put together a good story about us. You only know the people on the media boards who read your stories, but there are a lot more of us on the main forum and in the chat room.

Hey cool, I always want to be involved in anything possible, ever.

Name: Charlemagne
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hair: White
Eyes: Red
Appearance: Tall, Slender, but ripped, Well Dressed, wears Black, pale skin thats cold as ice.
Personality: Like Seifer only not.

edit: PS: you can fucking swear shit ass as fuckin much as you fucking shit want to, fuck.

Name: Andrew
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Appearance: Normal build, tall, pale skin.
Personality: Slow to anger, slower to violence. I’m just a nice guy.

You can count me in as well, LoA. You can find my personal info in the “Saga 4 Signups” thread.

sure thing… you can count me in.

Name: Orakio
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown (Red when in Super Orakian Mode)
Appearance: Look at avatar :slight_smile: (just exclude the big ‘O’ )

If you want to know more about me, just go to the Orakian Hideout and read Get Wise (both seasons). http://www.rpgclassics.com/~hideout

or you can just PM me for more. I’m basically a light hearted, fun-loving, caring guy who’s not exactly that bright but still a tough fighter.

Wherever Master Orak goes, I must follow. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Name: Chris-chris
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hair: Brown
Appearance: Not too tall, skinny and has a smile most of the time. Wears black chest armor and has black dragon wings. (You can just look at my avvie)
Personality: Always cheerful and tries to cheer up people around her. Though, very protective of those around her. Wherever her master Orakio goes, she follows. Full of life and is always hyper.

That good?

home from school:yipee: this is going to be sooo cool:cool: how is every one

Thanks to everyone, and I’ll start soon! Hi Marshmellows. Are you still angry at me?? Anyway…I’m a romantic gal, so I wanna know about any pairings you suggest, whether it be FF8 Character x FF8 Character, RPGClassics Character x FF8 Character, or RPGClassics Character x RPGClassics Character.

I have already put in Squall x Rinoa, because it’s the original!!:hyperven:

why am i angry at you poo bum lol just jokes how was school?

Hello! It was great!! Anyway, what do you think about the romance stuff??? :yipee:

Also, erm…how was your day?

yeah it was great i got to play footy with the guys it was SOOOOO GOOD :yipee: lol umm i dont want a romance just a plane girl that finds love at every guy she looks at lol make me meet some random i don’t care:boring:

Okay…sure. I may not pair you up, dunno. Anyone else???

blushes red >_>;;

Okay, Chris-Chris…who is it your-a thinking of???

Reading this, I ahve to say in all honesty:

NO. Just NO.

I’ll PM ya’… ^_^;;