RPGCalifornia Summer Meet 2005

Seriously dudes, we gotta get a plan going

Sticky plz.

Yeah. Since the thread died after Kaiser asking if anyone had an idea where to host it (:P) Let’s try this differently: isn’t there some place around that one could rent or something, any old abandoned houses, or at least some meadow to camp on? Just… SOMETHING!?

I am Beelzekaiser! Slayer of Threads! Destroyer of Discussions!

Er, oops.

Yeah, let’s discuss this stuff, for reals.

Camping is a good idea. It’s fun too, I’m going camping at the end of next month with a bunch of friends!

I hate camping cause every time I camped it rained while I was setting up my tent and shit, and once I was finally done and the fucking thing was full of water the sun was shining brightlay~. So then I normally go and lay my clothes out so they dry, and it starts raining again. Nature hates me.
But yes, otherwise it might not be bad. Kaiser, char, anyone, say something. you guys live there after all. Wouldn’t you know of a single place? :\

Camping is kind of a cool idea. Everyone wont get bored with SkankingGarbages constant ass kicking of megman. and it’ll give us a chance to get to know eachother. I dont want to get to know anyone, screw camping, I like SG kicking megamans ass in the nuts. DT you can sleep in MY tent.

And we can grill and stuff, and hold marshmallows into stupid camping fires like in those weird movies :smiley: .
But the equipment is expensive, even to rent it, and we’d need too much of it. =\

Hah. It’s too bad I’m not coming. I literally have camping gear for 70 people in my basement. Ha ha ha. AND NO YOU CAN’T BORROW IT! >:E

Who needs camping gear? Info and I are trained to live off the land.

984, you’re going and bringing all that stuff, pronto! Why aren’t you coming? :frowning:

Money, money, money. MONEY!

And I’m actually gonna have a (non-paying) job.

I’m not going camping. Even if DT is there. Which would be my only motivation for going anyway. So while DT might be able to get me to go to some house somewhere to watch SG kick Mega Man’s ass in the nuts, she can’t get me to go camping.

I think, if DT goes, we should hold it somewhere where I can bring Natsu. Because she’d be the life of the party.

:o Hmm o.o;
Then get a job that PAYS, 984, dammit! That’s, y’know, the whole point of getting one? >0
And yes, camping might be too much work anyhow.

THIS job is to give me experience in a field to prepare me for the future so I get paid MANY BUCKS then! >0


I’m a poor little girl, I cant go camping. I’m too fragile.

No. I just don’t like camping because it’s lame and boring and I don’t want to hang out with a bunch of smelly boys that will smell even worse after not showering for a week.

I can see TWO lies in that post.

Take away the ‘Don’t’

I also don’t have any billy goats to feed you. Sorry. :\


Anyway, Maybe camping isnt the best idea.

But… camping… :frowning: