RPGC wishes all of you a...

December 25th.

That’s it. I hope you get your december 25th, and the 26th, 27th, 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st. If some of you do not make it to January, well, it’ll be a shame. Please do not get lost in the timestream, and send all Time Kompression complaints to ultimecia@squareenix.com

(No, this is not something official, only a wierd moment brought forth by 2:38AM)



Well, December 25th to you too! ^^

Hey wait wtf

How about if we turn this thread into something useful and, like, talk about the stuff we got?

I got chicken pox! :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously, now: miserable as I feel, I DID get a gift of sorts, last Thursday, right before I fell ill:

My nephew Luis and I finished KINGDOM HEARTS II together.

As many of you know, my relationship with Luis (who just turned six) is more that of Father and Son. And sharing this thrilling, moving (and difficult!) gaming moment with him is probably the best gift I could’ve asked for. :slight_smile:

The graphics card, cds, PJ pants, and Stealing Harvard. Hopefully the card WORKS.

I got a funny story. Last night in church I had to hold back from laughing at a retarded kid. They wailed their arms and yelled. And it was really funny.

Then I go rent a movie and the annoying chick at Blockbuster nags me to buy candy, like all the other times I go there. And I said:

“I’m on a diet.”

Here’s a gift to you guys:

And here’s something for you, Sin:

Merry Christmas, assholes.

I love church going people.

I got money. Yay.

Merry Christmas everyone. Happy 25th, Cid. :wink:

I love church going people.

That was an American Pie joke. It must have gone above your head.

Because American Pie is <i>the height of comedy</i>.

happy 12/25 ramza <img src=“http://img103.imageshack.us/img103/2904/emotglompxp5.gif”>

M night smaahjamaaammalyan directs basara’s life
in the end basara will realize he was keeping from laughing at himself, for he was that lonely retarded child

in the end basara will realize he was keeping from laughing at himself, for he was that lonely retarded child

Maybe it’s part of my Christmas shtick.

Maybe you’re buying it.

Don’t you people have families?

yeah i visited my grandma last night
the rest of the family is either senile or in florida

I do!

I already got my presents yesterday. All we’re doing today is socializing and listening to Christmas songs performed by Elvis. So then, enjoy your December 25th peoples.:toast:

My family just left an hour ago :frowning: I barely get to see them during the year, thats why Christmas is so special too me. I got a memory stick :smiley: but the bad thing is it’s not compatable on my computer :frowning: I got alot of clothes, way too much. I also got a roll of toilet paper, as a joke lol. Right now im full of cookies and rice crispie squares, so im just going to lay back and relax and wait for Pirates of the Caribbean to come on tv. Happy December 25th everyone!!

Merry Christmas, everyone (except Cid. He doesn’t get one. Fucker.)

Or maybe you’re about as funny as Orakio.

Talk about a Christmas burn.

Anyway, I got some cool shit.

Movies: Lucky#Slevin, Pirates 2, Harry Potter 4, The Cincinnati Kid, Loony Toons Golden Editions Volumes 1 & 2 (omg roffles in the mayo I love daffy duck).

Some clothes and shit. Other than that, uneventful.

Even through I haven’t been around much these last few months due to Uni life, I’m still here to wish you all a very Merry Christmas everyone.

I got a family. We jsut agree that, while this is the time for family, we can not for the life of us,s tand each other without taking breaks. So, we all regularly hide away into our own little areas.

Anyway, onto cool shit!

Rent: the Motion Picture AND the Soundtrack (SQUEE!)
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (Something I look forward to playing)
New Speakers for my computer (I needed them, thew ones I got now are crap)
A Piano keyboard. Nice. I don;t play that well, but it’s nice to mess with.
A fedora (and I look DAMN good in it, boyos!)

Oh, and about $100 in cash, all-around. So yeah, good haul.