RPGC Teamspeak server

<strike>Haha disregard that, I suck cocks</strike> (Sorry)

Uh, yeah. The title basically says it all.
Teamspeak is generally used in things such as Counterstrike, or any other team-based game.
It’s a voice chat program. I suggest we get a (semi-)official one. I’m hosting it now. Feel free to join, the password is rplamer case sensitive.

Get teamspeak <a href=“http://www.goteamspeak.com/downloads.php”>here</a>
Connect to

I’ll have a walkthrough on connecting and configuring teamspeak soon, and maybe a way to register (other than you guys telling me your names and passwords via some secure thing)
For now, those of you that know how to connect, do it.

I give this fad… 2 weeks at most. Any other takers?

Sticky it and we’ll see. Otherwise be quiet, meanpants >:O

Just for that, I’m not gonna sticky it.

One. As soon as everyone realises we don’t even play any games and that the chat is much better for group talking anyway.

You don’t even have to count down to this fad’s death. It’s already dead.

I need to buy a new mic. :frowning:

Edit: And wow, dev has a pretty deep voice for looking like a 9 year old

thanks, i think.

Yeah so uh… It was me, dev, and steve talking. Well that and HH was landing a jet.

and taran, he’s cool.

Yeah, now you guys know why I wouldn’t say anything. >_>

yea, see. It’s not gonna be busy all the time. There will be high and low times, obviously.

We’ll see how it goes.
Edit: seriously though, could this possibly get a sticky?

Yeah. That jet was big trouble.

Well I am out for the night. PSAT tomorrow. I was planning on getting a new mic for WoW tomorrow too, so I’ll be able to talk then.

I think it did pretty well, just needs a little more time to catch on and less jet planes

Wait… Who are you?!

I couldn’t tell when it was him talking >.>

From what I heard, you’re not THAT dorky :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that was an… interesting experience.

Well, I’ll get the walkthrough here now…

Step 1: Download and install teamspeak (This should be easy)

Step 2: Navigate to the start menu (on windows) to access teamspeak RC2
(Note: if you’re on linux, you should be able to get to teamspeak yourself)

Step 3: Click File -> Connect. <a href=“http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y300/stevesherrick/teamspeak.jpg”>This</a> box should appear. Right click and choose to add a server. Where you see the, put (I have 192 etc because it’s within my lan, and I have to use my LAN IP, not WAN.)
If you want to register and don’t mind me knowing your password, just send me a PM here with a username and password, otherwise leave the “registered” button unchecked and keep anonymous checked. Just choose a nickname, and enjoy.
Don’t forget the pass, also (for some reason I don’t need it. could be the whole having the server admin password… thing.)

Why don’t you guys use Ventrilo >:(

Counting down 'till this thread gets moved to the VG forum…