RPGC Senior Song - Song Verification and stuff. SG READ THIS!!!

Ok I have all the requests I need, except SG’s who I haven’t heard anything about from him. Other than that, here’s the list (not in song order yet)

984: Skies of Arcadia Ending

Tenchi: X-2 Epilogue-Reunion

Bahamut: Bahamut Lagoon Opener

X COUNTRYGUY: Zelda theme

Obidaih: FFT Opener

Kagon: Times Scar

Seph252: Into the Sky (Sorry, but I don’t have Knights of Fire I and I think Into the Sky would fit much better since you said ANY Xeno song would do. Contact me, if you feel otherwise)

Nulani: Saria’s Song

Norrec Vizharan: Celes’s Opera Song

Jiharn: Kefka

Zombie Girl: FF4 Boss Theme

NiN: Dragon Warrior Theme

I need SG and anyone I left out. I recieved no response from some other Seniors who I asked before to check in with me, so they’ll need to contact me again.

Thanks again. As of now, I’m going to find a MIDI of the DW theme, then I’m FINALLLY starting. Bai

Er, heh, I didn’t know it was necesary :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry about that. Is there any criterion for the song I need to choose? Get back to me on that, and I’ll try and think of something.

::Pretends to know whats going on::

Did you get my PM Kagato?

[edit] Never mind, I’ll send it again [/edit]

looks at SG

looks at the two, nay, Three fourms on this already

looks at SG again

slams head repeadetly onto keyboard

'salright, though. It’s not necessary, but it’d be cool to have an RPGC Senior Class song thing. Basicaly what you got to do is think of a song from ANY RPG that you would like to represent YOU in an RPGC Senior Class Medely song…thing…

I hope that came out right…

Like, 984 has the SoA ending, I have Gilgamesh, and Ukrani has Sephrioth/Sorceress theme (still pending, I got the PMs now) just come up with something. Quick. I’ve already finished the intro.

As an update, I’m listing the songs order. Three Movements:

First Movement:

-The Dream Oath Opener (Not a Senior Request, I just think it makes a sweet opener)

-Bahamut Lagoon Opening (mixed in with a bit of the music you hear at the begining where the dragons take off)

-Legend of Zelda theme

-Scars left by Time

Second Movement


-Dragon Warrior theme

-Into the Sky

-Saria’s Song

-SoA Ending

Third Movement

-FFT Opener


-Kefka mixed with some of Sephiroths theme

-The Sorcerers theme (FF8)

-FF4 Fiend Battle

-Epilogue ~Reunion~ (FFXI)

-(Possibly the Final Fantasy theme)

And, thank you SO much for whoever stickied this.
:moogle: :moogle: :moogle:

Sorry, I didn’t realize my input on this whole deal was necesary Kagato, sheesh :stuck_out_tongue: Alright, I’ll try and get you a song ASAP.

Sorry to badger you about it, SG :stuck_out_tongue:

Progress thus far: Intro and halfway done with Bahamut Lagoon

could I change mine to a Legend of Mana one?
I want to put in the Theme of Gato instead, but if you don’t think It’ll work, I’ll be ok with Into the Sky. I’ll even send you the Gato theme. It’s just so calm & pretty.

Actually, two things 'bout that Seph…

  1. I heard of these little gems called PSF :smiley: So I got the entier Xenogears soundtrack and heard Knights of Fire. I don’t think I can do much with it but “Into the Sky”. or “Flight” as it’s called, I CAN do some stuff with.

  2. I’ll download the “Legend of Mana” PSF’s later on and give it a listen.

Progress: Still on Bahamut Lagoon. I’ve been busy as of late, sorry :thud:

Well, if you can, either Gato Grottoes or Painting of the Earth. But if you want to put in Into the Sky or Flight after you listen to it, I won’t mind.

Yeah, I’ll look into that when I get to that part.

Speaking of which…

Senior Song version 2.0 is out!!! Not on a site, though. I’ll have to send it through AIM/MSN, 'cause I’m not uploading it to the site. Too much work :stuck_out_tongue:

So I have

Dream Oath Opener
Bahamut Lagoon (Opening theme mixed with “Battle 1” and I snuck the Fire Emblem theme in there too. :D)

Next up: Legend of Zelda.

God this is going to take a good damn while. I only have 2 minutes of audio down and I still have %90 left to go.

:thud: :thud: :thud:

Well, I said those because I have the mp3s of them, so I could just give them to you if you want me too, what’s your MSN sign?

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Nice Fire Emblem avvie btw

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