RPGC SAGA IV Signup Thread

Yes, I’ve decided to do another one of these. For anyone who may not be familiar with them, here’s a recap:

Every year since I joined RPGC, I’ve celebrated it by writing an Epic fan fiction story using the board members’ characters. These began as Christmas stories, but even then they were more filled with action than carolling. :stuck_out_tongue: Last year’s story, sadly, went unfinished after I fell to the enormous stress of doing too many things at once: work, babysitting, taking the kid to Little League, and oh yes, trying to write new chapters every night. In fact, I ended up getting a writer’s block that lasted for months! However, I seem to be recovered now. And my last article (which set up the background for my RPGC stories in better detail) seems to have been popular enough… so I think I’ll give it another try. Though now I’m simply titling them “RPGC Sagas” instead of Xmas stories (I decided to leave those to Galloway and Arac last year- I may still do Xmas stories in the future, though.) Of course it depends on how much interest there is on my making this. Remember, unlike my other fics, I’m doing this one FOR YOU, so don’t be shy!

Here are the rules. There are some new ones this year, so make sure you read them all, OK?

-This is open to ALL RPGC members, new and old. You can join in at any time, even when the story is already in progress (of course, the later you join, the more likely it’ll be that your part will be small.) However, you MUST post your character’s description in this thread to be accepted! Yes, that includes my old friends like Valkyrie, too. I don’t care if you’ve joined every year, or if you just posted it on someone else’s story! The reasons for this is a) to have your written permission to use your character and b) to give you the chance to update him or her. Its a year between these stories, and people change with time, you know.

-The data I need is:

Identity: Name, ocupation, location, group membership, etc.

Personality: How the character behaves in various situations. THIS IS IMPORTANT! I can only write your character “right” if you tell me how. If you give me little detail of his or her personality, don’t complain if you’re not happy with the results.

Appearance: Race, age, gender, characteristics, style of clothing.

Powers: Superhuman abilities (including magic), weaknesses, normal abilities and skills, equipment.

Background: Your character’s personal history.

Plot: THIS IS IMPORTANT TOO! This year, I’m relaying a bit more on you people to write the story. I want you to write the plotline that you want for your character, that is, what you want to see him do or have happen to him. It doesn’t have to be very complex, though the more detail, the better. Also, if possible, try to tie it in to an existing RPG. (See my RPG Universe Thread in this Board for ideas.)

Remember, the more detail, the better! And no, your character does NOT need to be based on the real you at all.

As usual, I’ll start things off by using myself as an example:

Identity: Wilfredo Martinez, Interdimensional Adventurer from Puerto Rico. Member of the Righteous Protectors of Good Causes (RPGC.) AKA as Wil, WM, Mr. Martinez and That Old Guy. :stuck_out_tongue: Uncle to RPGC member Makko (Nelimar.)

Personality: Motivated mainly by endless curiosity, he explores other universes looking for knowledge, especially about magic. He would prefer to do only that, but his strong conscience makes him get involved in fighting injustice; he cannot tolerate cruelty and he is willing to die for the sake of innocents. Has a sense of humor he’s proud of though others may find it lame (which amuses him :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .) Has a thing for pretty women wich may cause others to think of him as a dirty old man (actually he respects women very much, and is not easily seduced.)

Appearance: Adult human male. Black hair and eyes; thick eyebrows. NOT going bald like the real me. :stuck_out_tongue: Dresses in normal clothes, except for a cape he dons during adventures. Usually wears green and blue.

Powers: High level mage with knowledge of spells from dozens of worlds (but not very good at healing magic.) Also has some combat knowledge. Favorite weapon is a staff. Master of strategy. Has (superficial) knowledge on a lot of subjects. Usually carries a cloak of protection, a magic staff and healing potions.

Background: Born to an average Puerto Rican family, Wil had the gift of magic from childhood, and could sense and talk to invisible beings like fairies. His family, being very superstitious, forbid him from using his abilities, and he unhappily agreed. He continued secretly reading about magic, though. His parents died due to health problems when he was in his early teens. The shock of this, plus the continued disapproval of his siblings, led him to leave Earth using a spell from a magic book he had found, and become a wanderer across universes. He learned a lot of magic in the process, but also saw great injustices almost everywhere he went, and felt forced to intervene.

Years later, now an adult, he returned to Earth. He discovered the existence of RPGC and joined in, finding many peers and friends among them. He also found out that his niece, Nelimar, also had “The gift” and managed to convince his sister that it was better if he helped her learn how to control her powers. The two of them have grown very close since.

Plot: After trying out the MMORPG called “The World”, Wil discovers that he can link his mind to the internet- and thus obtain his lifelong secret wish: ULTIMATE KNOWLEDGE! But such a gift carries a terrible price… (Game involved: Dot/Hack.)

The story will begin as soon as I have enough material from your posts to write it… probably in about two weeks.

I hope you people join in and have fun doing it! :cool:

Identity: Kirokokori (Kiro), bazooka-toting cat girl (Couldn’t think of anything better.) from New Hampshire. Member of RPGC.

Personality: Generally friendly to mostly everyone, can get hyper at times, and when she gets mad, sarcastic. Not a particularly serious person, unless it’s a serious situation.

Appearance: 13 year old cat girl with white ears and tail, 5 ft 4 in. tall. Short wavy brown hair, pale skin, and greyish blue eyes. Usually wears jeans and t-shirts or hoodies. Sketch (Seriously, done in about 5 minutes): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v626/Koonies/kirosketch.jpg

Powers: Knows a little magic, mainly elemental water and healing. Also has a bazooka. Weaknesses would be that she’s only 13, so she doesn’t have as much experience as others, and only has limited magic right now.

Background: Nothing that important. She joined RPGC because she wanted to help people, and has been learning magic/improving her bazooka skills since then.

Plot: Hmm, mainly, I’d like her to improve her magic skills, so she can do more with them then she can at the moment. This may change, depending on what you put next time you update the RPG Universe thread, but I’d like to be involved with the .Hack part of the story.

Identity: Robin Escara Der lesser, more commonly known as Valkyire Esker, Val, Esker, VE, whatever you want to nickname her as. Obviously, her career is as a Valkyrie in the service of odin… sort of. The rules on that aren;t very clear. Best way to describe it is: Valkyrie-in-Reserve. her Location changes, though she lieks hanging around RPGC a bit.

Personality: Val normally is all about having fun. Drinking, screwing, drinkign WHILE screwing… the true Viking pasttime. She likes adventure, too, sicne one can never gettired of finding new places. Unfortunately for her, she often fidns herself ina position of leadership. She can do it, sure, she jsut is tired of always being the one to decide what has to be done. She’s a very complex girl, trying to hide it behind being a very simple musclehead.

Appearance: White 20-somethign female, with blue eyes and medium-length blonde hair. Normally, she’s rarely seen without her trusted armor. When she does slip out of it, she looks… normal. Modern clothes and jeans.

Powers: Her clerical powers as a servant of odin are terrifying, indeed. She, however, seems to have issues with using them beyond healing. She doesn;t like to go into that. She is also oneof the greatest Melee fighters of the multiverse. While other people might be able to surpass her inc ertain weapons, she’s had thousands of years practice ins taying not dead. Her greatest weakness is one she doesn;t like to announce… she’s actually Anemic. Apparently a side effect of becoming mortal again, She lacks the endurance to fight for too long, unless she calls upon her powers as a Goddess. Her normal skills mostly invovle breaking stuff REAL good. One ability she does have, though, is a form of katanaspace, which is really a pocket dimension of some sort to hold her equipment. Her favored equipment is the use of GUngnir, the ancient spear of Odin himself, but lately, that’s been… unfeaseable, so she’s taken to just using a Saber-dirk florentine style of fighting.

Background: Val’s past is pretty long, and while she’s open about it, it still would take too long to list. The shortened version: Val is about a thousand years old. Only recently has she really become mortal again for good, and there seems to be an unfortunate side effect where she can;t age. It annoys her, since she knows she defitiely will die someday… she jsut does not know when. Not even a rought estimate. Still, hardly holding any remaining delusions ofimmportality, she fights, and lives every day to the fullest. Of course, with such a long, and battle-driven past, is it no wonder that she must have plenty of enemies, too?

Plot: I’ll get back to you on this, Wil. Let’s jsut say, Old Vally’s getting a ltitle touched in the head with age…

Identity: Arac, Barbarian in the classic tradition of Conan, Bran Mak Morn, et. all, wanderer, former member of the Braeti Paoli, brief member of Bavarian Illuminati (until he and Adam Weishaupt realized the organization was much different than they had beedn told), member of a vaguely Eternal-Champions like organization of “multi-lived” and immortal heroes who have a “piece-by-piece” approach to ending the evil of the multiverse slowly and irrevocably.

Personality: Arac’s personality alternates between a rakish, swashbuckling scoundrel and not-so-brooding, sarcastic, bitter anti-hero depending upon his mood. In terms of hte story, use whichever would better fit the scene, although he adopts the rakish personality most often when relaxing or trying to impress someone. Sarcasm permeates both personalities, although it’s more good-natured on his rakish side. The bitter mood is more rare, and generally occurs after conflicts or when reminded of memories he’d rather have left forgotten, and is much more rare, usually. In combat, he’s the typical raging barbarian, a general contrast to his quiet, collected silence before combat, which allows him to be effective at stealth operations, as well. He’s generally either very quiet or in a furious blood-rage when engaged in an adventure, although he unwinds and his good times while camping just as any other heroes would.

Appearance: Currently in the appearance of a human with generally dark skin, although it is difficult to say if the colour is naturally dark or tanned from pale, leaving his human origin a mystery (also, a shapeshifter), age innumerable; he remembers atlantis very clearly and considered himself old at the time of its downfall, considers himself male and takes male forms unless there is a tactical (to use the word very loosely) reason to do otherwise. No matter what form he is in, his clothing is primarily made up of black and a vibrant Kelly Green, although red, bright blue, dark blue, and pink or purple have been known to make appearances as well. In human form, he always wears Onitsuka Tiger sneakers in his trademark colours so his allies may recognize who he is, although he makes exceptions for the purpose of disguise. He is currently possessed of angular features and a thin, muscular physique, with a thick mohawk (the kind often drawn in comic books that it’s very difficult to actually grow as a human being) in his typical shade of green. His eyes area a bright, crystal blue.

Powers: His most powerful and notable superhuman ability is shapeshifting; Arac can take nearly any shape imaginable (some, strangely, seem to be forbidden to him), and gains all of its physical abilities (Dragon’s fire breath, for instance) while maintaining his own muscle memory and supernatural powers. A close second in terms of magnitude, some sort of permenant counterspell flows in Arac’s blood, granting him invulernability to all forms of magic, arcane or divine, in the multiverse. The effects created by magic can harm him (the claws of a summoned creature, for instance, or shrapnel from an explosion spell), so it seometimes seems as though his immunity is not complete, and magic with very unusual specifics and processes can work in the cracks of the immunity (teleporting a fireball next to him rather than casting a fireball spell might harm him, for instace). The only other exception is magic cast by Arac himself. This immunity means he cannot be magically healed or transported, regardless of whether he wants to be, by anyone save himself. His magic skills are very limited, and do not enable him to heal himself. They’re very basic Illusion and Necromancy sorcery, and the ability to “latch on” to other teleportation spells. He’s an incredibly skilled melee combatant, capable of taking on an army of the most skilled mortal warriors endleslly if he can back himself into a corner to prevent flanking, and holds all the D&D/fantasy barbarian skills; rage, trap-sense, sneaking, a little bit of lock-picking, a lot of skill in the less subtle sort of lockpicking wherein one breaks down the door, animal-keen senses, skilled evasion of explosion and attacks, et ceteras. He wears no armour, except for any he wears as clothing (thus usually no heavier than leather) because he finds it stylish, or any he wears as part of a disguise. He carries an axe that seems too large for someone of his size to weild in one hand that changes size with him and a heavy, incredibly sharp kukri knife, both heavily enchanted. He also carries a longbow that he can use with great skill, although he’s terrible with it, compared to his melee prowess, and is too embarassed to use it in all but the most dire of circumstances. His weaknesses tend to be personal, rather than mechanical. He has terrible tendancies to walk into traps, especially ones involving beautiful, dangerous stereotypes, and often allows his idealism to get the best of him inbelieving in things when he shouldn’t (his support of the Russian revolution over the Tsar, for instance). He’s been known to turn heavily to drinking, probably somethign to do with outliving everyone he cares for, which gets him into trouble one way or another. He’s also cumpulsively risk-taking; there are very few things that can end his life or hope to defeat him in battle, maybe, but he seeks those things out as a way of still feeling alive after all this time. In general, despite powers beyond the grasp of many sentient beings, Arac’s poor judgement generally leads him to the verge of death, from whence his barbarian abilities rise up to give him the strength he needs to escape the most impossible, deadly circumstances. He has a terrible knack for getting into dire circumstances and an even more unbelievable ability to single-handedly fight his way out of them.

Background: Arac doesn’t flow with time as normal beings do, and seems to be neither affected by aging or certain to follow time in a linear, minute-by-minute fashion. He does not have control over time travel, but he sometimes jumps out of time, or doesn’t follow it in the proper order and ends up meeting his younger self when he travels forward in time from the time his older self lived in. Therefor, creating an ordered backstory is difficult. He’s fought in nearly all of every history’s conflicts, preferring to take a background role to the main events. He claims to not remember his original homeworld or name, to sound mysterious and aloof, but remembers them quite clearly and cherishes the memories. As a result of his extended lifespan, Arac has outlived most of his friends, lovers and cohorts, a matter made little better by the danger the immortals he associates with frequently put themselves in. As a result, he reamins generally detached from those around him, though he’s made friends with some at RPGC. He’s stongly associated with rebellions and various revolutionary causes throughout the multiverse’s history/ies, as a result of his belief that totalitarianism in any form and for any reason is the greatest of evils. He is part of an organization generally dedicated to being the opposite of The Conspiracy, an equally secretive, immortal order.

Plot: Arac would be involved in most of Odio’s defeats, Pogo’s and Takaharu’s most directly, and involved as a shadow presence in most of the games mentioned. Due to his obsessive need for danger, Arac would probably travel between the games occuring to intervene on the side of heroes (usually, although if the heroes supporteda he was lead to believe, via one of his weaknesses, was evil, he might battle against them until shown he was wrong or he recognized those he knew to be good people on the other side) in particularly intense and deadly moments of conflict. In-between those times, he’d travel to the areas where his “barbarian” abilities would be best put to use (any pre-historic, Hyperborean, or post-apocalyptic world. On the list you have, Atlantis, Pre-Historic Live-a-live, or Crystalis, as well as my suggestions of Wasteland and Fallout would all be good games for him to be involved in).

Identity: Natural Borne Killer, expert swordsman from California, newcomer to the RPGC. Better known as NBK.

Personality: He is 21, but is unusually mature for his age. He is a man of few words, very private, and level headed. The only time he loses his cool is in the presence of his mortal foes. Sample dialogue: (normal NBK) “Oh, don’t mind me, I’m just here at the RPGC to listen to the colorful debates.” (enraged NBK) “THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU MESS WITH THE WRONG PEOPLE, YOU WORTHLESS ASSHOLE!” One last note; he, like Wil, has a soft spot for pretty women, yet has enormous respect for the opposite sex, and is not easily seduced either.

Appearance: Young adult male. Full-blooded European descent. (or “White guy” in vernacular terms.) Has a biege complexion, short dark brown hair, and blue eyes. Is 5’7’’ in height and weighs about 150 lbs. all body fat, no visible muscles. Smiles like a crooked businessman, although he rarely smiles.

Powers: Is very fast and agile, and is skilled with a two-handed sword. Can jump about 20 feet into the air, like any good swordsman inspired by Japanese RPGs. Other than that, he has no magical powers. He can die just as easily as any normal person. He carries a katana, which he keeps in a sheath he wears as a belt. Other than that, he wears typical casual clothes. (t-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes, etc.)

Background: NBK was born and raised in California, where he lived a seemingly ordinary life, that was, until he was 12. One day when he was twelve, he happened to be by himself in a strange place. He found a flower pot and decided to look into it. He didn’t know that the pot actually contained a portal to another time zone. He was pulled in, and found himself in an even stranger place. He met an old man saying that NBK had come to The End of Time. The man said that there was another fellow who could teach him something. This other fellow was Spekkio. Spekkio saw within NBK a natural swordsman and asked if he’d liked to learn the ways of the sword. He agreed. NBK did not want to abandon his life back in the present, so he spent most of his time in his world, but would secretly meet Spekkio every now and then at the End of Time to brush up on swordfighting. Occasionally, NBK also journeyed into the far past and the future, testing his fighting skills on real targets. (Basically reptites and beat up robots. Anything that wouldn’t disrupt the present timeline if killed.) He has been learning how to fight with a sword because he wants to get back at some people in his world. (see plot for more details.)

Plot: During his travels through time, (which he does with timegates a la Chrono Trigger.) NBK stumbled across a place called the RPGC. He learned how the RPGC was a sort of justice league, so he came forward with the following: He wants to avenge victims of social prejudice, and he wants to enlist people for his cause. NBK, as well as a few other people he knows, was once the victim of ruthless bullying and harrassment. He has come to believe that those who bullied him severely are going to grow up to become sociopaths and dangerous criminals. He wants to personally kill them not just for vengeance but also so they can’t, in his words, “continue to poison my already degrading world.” Whether or not he gets the assistance he wants, he still wants to finish off everyone who made his life a living Hell when he was younger. At the time of the story, NBK has just finished a semester of college, and he plans to use his vacation time to deliver retribution to his mortal foes once and for all. NBK’s mortal foes don’t have to be described in great detail, they don’t even have to be named. The only thing that they be is that they are completely detestable vermin.

If you want to know any other details about my character or his motives, drop me a PM. I’ll be happy to oblige.

Identity: GG Crono, occasional wandering adventurer, much more frequent slacker, spends most of his free time putzing around at RPGC Castle.

Personality: In a word: Wiseass. Very quick-witted and will never hold back with a snarky comment. Regardless, is generally easygoing and tends to get along with pretty much everyone. Would never be first to volunteer for a fight but would always back up a friend if asked.

Appearance: Looks for al the world like a “re-color” of popular RPG character, Crono. Spikey hair, which is, for some reason, purple, and favors green tunics for outfits. This is never properly explained.

Powers: Overall abilities are only slightly above an average human, he’s a decently skilled swordsman, favoring agile hit-and-run tactics over brute strength, which he has very little of anyway. Has some traces of magic in him, which he can use to sheath his katana in flame at will. Said katana, which he has named Starcleaver, simply beacause he thinks he sounds cool, is made of an unknown metal which is seemingly indescructable.

Background: The strange being known as GG Crono’s story is…not unique. At all. He woke up somewhere unknown wth complete amnesia and a sword by his side. Angered at the Powers That Be for giving him such a cliched origin, he has sworn not to play their game. GG Crono may be the last of an ancient race, or a being destined to destroy humanity, or perhaps just some moron who hit his head. GG Crono does not care and never will.

For awhile, he took up the mantle of a wandering adventurer, but always seemed to gravitate toward the mysterious land of RPGC, and has since setteled there. “Besides,” he says, “adventure seems to find us there. It’s easier.”

If asked what the GG stands for, he will invariably make some sort of joke about it. It’s rumored that he himself does not know.

Plot: GG is not the most ambitious of the RPGC crew. Little does he actively seek out adventure and exitement but will happily tag along when it happens by. Given the nature of his origins, GG is more than happy to be among the supporting cast and provide backup where needed. He can never turn down a friend in need.

Identity: Dude. I don’t really have any others.

Personality: Kind with a sense of humor. I try to be helpful. I say and do stupid things on occassion, but try to patch it up later. It bothers me greatly when people are discussing something that affects us both equally and they blow me off.

Appearance: Around 6 ft in hight. Has dark hair, but not black. Wears glasses and usually wears a hoodie (with the hood down) and jeans. Wears a quiver with arrows on one leg (about at the hip) and a device which holds his crests on the other leg.

Powers: Crest spells from the first WA game. A skillset with immense variety containing 64 spells total. What he lacks in power he makes up with variety. He is able to hit many elements, heal, buff, inflict status and a couple other interesting abilities. His weapon is a bow and arrow. Attached to all the arrows are strings enchanted by magic. The strings can grow to any length and will return to his quiver with the slightest tug. (so he can fire them and return them to his quiver immediately.) He can also use the string and arrow as a whip if an enemy gets close. The device which holds his crests is been enchanted to link with the users mind. When he thinks of a spell the crest raises a bit so it is easier to grab. He also has the ability of using his surroundings to his advantage. He fights best when supporting his friends from behind the front line.

Background: A crest sorceror from Filgaia. Works as a drifter, but not very successful due to aversion of working alone. However, those that have worked with him agree that he was very helpful.

Plot: Hangs out at RPGC and provides help when needed whether it be fighting off evil or something less exciting. He checks back on Filgaia occasionaly, but recently nothing much has happened. He has recently been hanging out in the world of Breath of Fire, particularly Tunlan and Windia and has become good friends with some of the residents.

I’ll edit this post later with my character.

Identity: Mabatsekker, Finnish Blue Mage Superhero Catgirl Lover Extraordinaire. While not working with the RPGC Task Force, he is an independent adventurer bent on learning and absorbing various arts varying from magic to martial arts, dancing and cooking from around the world.

Personality: Mabatsekker is your standard Neutral Good superhero with a code against killing while protecting the innocent. While typically altruistic and friendly in demeanour, Mabatsekker does have his darker sides where he succumbs to violent outbursts, being deeply ashamed of this very fact. Prone to being overconfident in his abilities, Mabatsekker can get cocky during a fight. A never say never type.

Appearance: Mabatsekker is a human male in his early twenties. As a superhero, Mabatsekker is actually a colourful alter ego. Blessed with a slightly shorter stature (170cm tall), he is still quite stocky and muscular. He wears a white combat gi with a special black polymer shirt designed to take small caliber arms fire underneath along with baggy blue pants. His trademark is his electric blue spikey hair. He has been seen not wearing his mask for some time now, so it might not be a part of his costume anymore.

Powers: Mabatsekker is a Blue Mage by definition, and possesses the paranormal ability to learn project special abilite used by others. He must survive and remain conscious after being hit by such an assault. Abilites which he considers particularly handy are forcefields that keep him away from harm, or unusual attacks like breath or seemingly random missile attacks. His learning ability seems to have evolved futher than just special attacks, as Mabatsekker possesses remarkable learning ability in fields other than paranormal: Martial arts for instance.

He is a capable combatant in hand-to-hand via his mastery of several styles: Saikyo Karate taught by the legendary Dan Hibiki, a Capoeira-based martial art revolving around kick attacks only and lately, Mantis Kung-Fu.

Due to his wide variety of abilities, his focus in any particular field is limited. Some hope can be found in his military training, meaning he is proficient in using small arms and rifles, albeit he does not resort to using firearms. Although he may be an unpredictable opponent in combat, he also has a certain degree of overconfidence which may end up to be fatal. Also has a soft spot for catgirls, even more than your standard hot-blooded male might have. Usually kept in check by Kat-Chi.

Also, due to D Galloway’s presence, Mabatsekker has developed an alcoholic habit which manifests itself as intense cravings during mornings. Rumor has it that he cannot tolerate the leader of the Force sober.

Background: The Hero of Helsinki, Mabatsekker spent his early days battling Nordic villains like Världätere and Count Nordendorf. As Finland was relatively quiet, Mabatsekker tried his luck in Paragon City, a true City of Heroes. During these times he also met the Righteous… RPGC folks and learned of their situation. Deciding Paragon was a bit too much for his small beginnings, Mabatsekker joined the RPGC Task Force, battling alongside other heroes, and gets along with pretty much anyone, with a few cases of friendly antagonism. Has been taking personal leaves lately, attending AA meetings (According to Galloway) or trying to find some answers to his everlasting quest for the art of being a hero.

Plot: After Galloway went Super Saiyan during a Task Force mission, Mabatsekker has had strange vibes inside his head. A psychic dream showed him that a fearsome berserker personality had been developing inside his psyche, presumably born out of the rage involved in the Saiyan’s transformation, unable to manifest itself as an ordinary Blue Mage skill. How much more insult and injury can Mabatsekker take before the Berserker entity manifests itself, possibly going out of control during a critical moment!? (PM for details, if you need anything in particular.) Consider it based on Capcom vs RPGC multiverse or somethin’…

I might as well try :slight_smile:

Identity: Jack “Demon” Winters, adventurer, floats in and out of RPGC, No membership, etc.

Personality: Being nicknamed Demon for being annoying Jack isn’t always the best to be around, but he tries to be good and usually listens to the little angle on his shoulder unless curiosity convinces him otherwise. The reason some consider him annoying is the fact that he tries to hard to be funny, which he’s not, or to hard to get some respect from someone he himself respects. Being a little clumsy also Jack is almost used to being embarrassed.

Appearance: Human. 19. Male. Shaggy black hair that comes over his ears, 5’10", 170lbs, Athletic, Moderately built. He wears some light leather armor with some sort of pantaloons that match, he also has a pair of nice black tennis shoes he likes to wear.

Powers: Never having much patience for magic all he learned was how to make a fireball or so for his more tricky side. Kinda clumsy, and, well, being human are his weaknesses. He is proficient at fighting with a one handed sword in his right hand, but only has mediocre skill in any other melee weapon. Has a long sword on his left hip and a small axe attached to his lower back that is reachable with either hand.

Background: Jack usually just wandered in and out of RPGC, usually leaving to go on some quest for treasure or to prove himself for something, but of late he has ran out of places to go and has decided to stick around to see what happens. Knowing no one and wanting to make a good impression Jack hopes for the best.

Plot: Constantly looking for adventure Jack tries to prove himself and gain the respect of the veterans. Though the odds may be against him Jack would fight anyway. Geez, why doesn’t the kid just get over what people think about him?

…Okay, let’s give this a try.

Identity: d Galloway, junior member of RPGC and guard

Personality: Originally good-natured and fun-seeking, a combination of outside stress, an absolutely insane family, and Gears of War Player Matches have choked out much of his decency. Galloway is still good-aligned, and is almost unflinchible in this regard, but he also carries a grim, rather sadistic sense of humor, including pitting uncle and niece against each other. Has a tendency to snap mentally when angered to extreme levels, making him very dangerous to be around at times. Very quiet most of the time, but quite talkative to those he knows well. Also despises Blue Mages.

Appearance: A 21-year-old Saiyan, although with spiky red hair and little muscle mass rather than spiky black hair and eighteen hundred pounds of refined meat. Usually wears red clothing underneath silver armor, and always wears sunglasses, even indoors and at night.

Powers: Galloway has the basic saiyan abilities: he is far stronger and faster than a regular human, and is also capable of controlling and manipulating ki in order to further reinforce his attacks. He can utilize ki in the form of beams and balls of energy, and is further able to use them to fly. However, rampant ki use quickly tires him, forcing him to rely on his katana, which he is not exceptionally skilled in. He also knows no magic.

Background: Galloway joined RPGC for reasons he himself does not know. Unlike most of RPGC, he has never travelled with the others, instead hanging around as a guard and general trouble solver/trouble maker. Was supposadely killed in 2005, but seemingly has gotten better. He has a great degree of respect for Wil (even though he is one of his most common targets), and once had a crush on Weiila (he has since gotten over it). Like GG Crono, he suffers from some sort of amnesia; in his case, however, it is less severe, in that he can remember some events in his life and his family, but is completely incapable of remembering any actual serious events from before he was sixteen. Also unlike GG Crono, this upsets and troubles him a great deal.

Plot: Galloway has finally had enough; he wants to know why he came to RPGC, why he isn’t allowed in the DBZ universe, why he has amnesia, and who REALLY shot Kennedy. To do this, he may have to betray his very morals and beliefs, but then again, knowing anything would be better than knowing nothing.

Identity: TrkJac aka Trk, Owner of a mercenary guild just outside of RPGCity.

Personality: He’s a neutral guy. He’s not extremely outgoing, but likes to be included and give input. Friends know most of his comments are either from the peanut gallery or dripping with sarcasm. Trys to act all “evil” and “vile” and constantly refers to “Those darn people and there noble causes”, despite the fact that “those darn people” are his friends and acts almost exactly like them. Despite his inteligence, he is the one to still laugh, despite not understanding one of the more “complex” of jokes.

Race: Night Elf
Age: 117, but that’s like 21 to elf.
Sex: Male
Charectrristics: Silver Hair, Blue Eyes, tall and lean, not week looking, but definately appears more agile than anything else.
Costume: Wear’s a long vest rype robe over his armor. It’s black with silver trim.(picture pending?)
Identifying marks: Pointy ears. Just so darn cool looking.

Magic Powers: Has large amounts of knowledge in Ice magic. I’m not sure what you want it to be referenced to, but let’s just say about 89% of Ice spells to what ever that might be. Also has some knowledge in Light magic, but only enough to slighly lighten or darken a room, such as darkening a corner to hide in or creating a small light around a corner to distract a guard…
Physical Abilities: Very skilled in the double blades. While there are several that could probably defeat him in battle, but several of those do not live in the mortal world. Agility helps: He can flip and twist, jump, sprint, etc…
Weaknesses: Not all that strong. He needs to rely more on quickness and ability to bring down opponents. He needs to concentrate when casting. Is easily distracted if friends are in danger. Works best one-on-one, but not so well with more than 4 opponents while alone.
Skills: Longer fingers good for lock picking and playing piano and other instruments :).
Equipment: Two Scimitar. Neither are magical, but they’re light and strong. Wears light “long-sleeve” chain mail. Recently aquired some new gloves that give off a magical aura, but is not really sure what they do. (I’ll leave this up to you, Wilf: helping a plot twist perhaps? mwahaha.)

History: While not new to the RPGC region, he isn’t quite one of those veteran heros of the region. Before being a part of RPGC, he was a simple mercenary. He was raised in the Night elf wood of the East but was asked to leave to to his fascination with weapons and offensive magic at the time. He was considered to young to dable in such things. After leaving, he continued his study of magic whereever he went. At one point he studied with a wizard, but found that form of magic to technical, and moved closer to a sorcery, preferring to often make new spells. After his studies, he wandered about, evetually becoming a mercenary. As a mercenary, he raised a ton of money, enough so that he decided to open a guild. He wanted to choose somewhere where his name might be unknown, so that he might just come into the picture as a powerful guild owner. He chose the RPGCity area, almost emidiatly being pulled into the epic journeys that seem come spring from the region like that garden weed you can’t just can’t quite get rid of.

Plot: Really, just stick him with some group or another as the wander around. I would also suggest using him as an ilfiltration device, and perhaps, what? NOT getting captured? Or not, the capturings always end up funnier anyway. Oh, and don’t forget the guild. I’m thinking that they should be infiltraiting the economy of the regoin for the guild’s

own profit.

Heh… I always sign up for these…

And, threaten Wil’s well-being if he doesn’t update.

Tried to cut it down, Wil, but feel free to take liberties.

Identity: PC Glenton. The master thief, and expert gunman. Loyal to no one but himself, but will join forces with either side of a battle for the right price, or if it helps him get something he wants.

Personality: Cold, ruthless, and calculating. Not brutal enough to kill for pleasure, but will destroy you if you become an obstacle he can’t get by. Does not talk much, and prefers to work alone.

Appearance: One word, black. About 5’11, and covered in a black jacket, with a black shirt, black pants, black hair, black gloves… except for the face, covered in black clothing. Even then, he is prone to wearing shades, to hide his expression, and to avoid being blinded by surprising flashes of light.

Powers: As galloway mentioned in an earlier post, he is just a human, with no super powers. However, he is a master in the arts of stealth, breaking and entering, hacking, marksmanship and also skilled with electronics, thanks to the demands of keeping up with the newest intruder counter-measures. Also has some martial arts training, but is no way a black belt. Mostly just relies on counter-attacks.

As for equipment, dual hand guns, a sniper rifle with the name Mia on it, a blue nano sword simply called the Dragon’s Tooth, and misc. thieving tools, all stored in his jacket.

And, his major weakness: Magic. He is unable to cast, use, read, breath, eat, smell… you get the idea. But, against him, magic is overly powerful, even a weak spell can do massive damage. And, to make matters more confusing, benefical magic does not work at all. Unsure why that is, but he has a few hunches…

Background: (Using my origin story as a source.) Glenton has no clue who he really is, his first memory was waking up in a test tube run by a bio-corp named Stalter. He escaped, and ended up in Glenwood, where a botched bank job found him the target of an army of Stalter troops, and then caught, bound, and sentenced to die in some LA alley.

He managed to escape, and tried to find out more about his past, which lead him to Hong Kong. But, after several dead ends and dangers, his answers came to him in the form of a double cross, an assassination attempt, the death of the only person he really trusted, and a disturbing truth. Everything after his escape was staged and planned. In the end, he destroyed the stage master, Stalter… at least, he believes he did.

He has had run-ins with RPGC after that, living as a thief for hire, gradually becoming more aware that Stalter may have been part of a greater Conspiracy. But, it seems all records of his involvement had been destroyed, so he hasn’t made any moves against them, yet.

Plot: Ever since he stole that Dimensional travel machine from RPGC, he has become more concerned about his weakness to magic. It has become a liability, and too well-known. Once again, he goes in search of his past, but not in pursuit of a life he no longer cares about, but the reasons behind his Achille’s Heel.

Identity: OmegaflareX, aka Omega (yes Wil, STILL working on a better name :P), local interdimensional traveler, jokester, and hero from Connecticut, currently affiliated with the well known RPGC group.

Personality: Ever since his return to RPGClassics some time ago, Omega has become easy-going, flighty, and unpredictable. He is quite open towards others and extremely talkative (and sometimes brings up completely random topics without warning). Omega retains his boundless energy for life and optimism. He retains his warped sense of humor and never fails to make a wisecrack when the need arises, especially when the party needs some motivation. He remains naive about such things as romance, but he wants little part in it anyway. After only a semester at college Omega has become far more intelligent, and retains his knack for thinking of brilliant strategies and battle, and his occasional cluelessness when it comes to mundane things. He has a strong sense of loyalty to his friends and does not tolerate injustice or cruelty. Doggedly stubborn, Omega has become far more involved in RPGC and cannot wait to go on this latest adventure with Wil.

Appearance: White eighteen year old male with tousled blonde hair, blue eyes, a slight tan, and a more slender build (since his return).

Powers: An offensive juggernaut, Omega relies on his speed in combat. His weapon of choice is a sword, and katanas in particular. He uses a variety of different sword techniques for both variation in his abilities and to throw off his opponents. He is also versed in hand to hand combat, but is less proficient than with a weapon. He has an incredible knowledge of offensive magic and due to his quick thinking he can dish out lots of powerful magic rapidly. He has high stamina and a vast store of mana, and can subsequently fight for a long time before tiring. Omega is also a brilliant tactician. He is not without his weaknesses though. Omega knows almost no healing spells, and knows only minor defensive spells that any decent enemy could break through. He is also physically weak, which contrasts sharply to his speed, weaknesses he works to improve upon. His weapons of choice for this mission are a runed (and possibly enchanted) katana and a bracelet that guards against silence, petrification, and berserk.

Background: Born to an upperclass Connecticut family (something a few RPGCers tease him about on occasion), Omega was never meant for a stale world of businessmen. Instead, he discovered his talent for magic and crossing dimensions, and his life was never the same. Omega’s story is quite long, culminating in becoming the warrior he is today. Omega disappeared without warning from RPGClassics for a fairly long period of time, and eventually returned with more knowledge and a more open personality. He has been ambiguous on where he has been, but he has mentioned exploring different dimensions of the Multiverse. (I’ll work with you more on this section, Wil)

Plot: Omega is no stranger to the world of DQ8, and Dhoulmagus became one of his primary enemies during his travels, both in DQ8 and elsewhere. Omega has lately become interested in the fabled Sword of Balefire, the sword where Dhoulmagus supposedly stored excess power from the Scepter of Rhapthorne when he could not handle it. The power of Dhoulmagus and Rhapthorne mixed together is a frightening possibility, and rumors have spread that the mixed power of the two has given rise to something within the sword. Whether it is some evil entity, an ultimate power, or a resurrected Dhoulmagus remains to be seen. Omega has also learned that Marcello, the disgraced and bitter brother of Angelo, has been asking about the sword with increasing frequency. Beyond the natural threat the Sword of Balefire poses, the thought of someone as vengeful and power-driven as Marcello obtaining it is alarming. Omega, desiring to keep the peace in the world of DQ8 (after helping to defeat Dhoulmagus and Rhapthorne) and wanting to end the sword’s threat to the forces of good, plans to find the Sword of Balefire and destroy it so that the powers of Rhapthorne, Dhoulmagus, and even Marcello will never be able to threaten anyone.

Glad to see you are going to give the Saga another shot at life. I was a tad disappointed that the last one was never finished, oh well.


Identity: Heaven’s Soldier, or just HS for short. Former mercenary (who even took a job against RPGC once), now a full time member of RPGC. Spends most, if not all, of his time at RPGCHQ (mainly because he doesn’t have a proper home to go to).

Personality: A very determinded young individual, once he sets his mind on a goal he will see it through to the end. Doesn’t like to open up, and get too close to people emotionally, due to having lost several people he cared for. But he doesn’t mind the company of others, even the more hyper and loud members of RPGC. Is always ready to fight for a good cause, especially if that cause is protecting someone who can’t protect themselves (kids/injured allies).

Appearance: 20 year old male, human. Stands at around 5’8", has short black hair, and deep brown eyes. Is always wearing simple black clothes, which have a light blue trim. When fighting/training/going on mission wears silver gaunlets, and shin guards.

Powers: Has the ability to form angel wings on his back, and take to the air. Once airborn his speed and agility increase tenfold. Carries two katanas, one on each hip, but never uses them to fight, they are mearly momentos of his father, and his greatest rival. Instead of using the swords, he fights with his hands and feet, in a personal style he has been developing for the past few years. He has a little magical ability, limited to wind and lightning magic. Mostly using it to surround his limbs with those elements to increase speed and strenght of blows, during fights. The only problem is doing this drains his stamina considerably quicker than usual, so he holds off on using his magic whenever possible.

Background: His mother died when he was just a baby, his father died when he was a young teenager. Before passing away his father trained him to be a warrior, and to protect those he cares for. So he lived his life by this code for many years.

However several years ago, he lost the only other person he cared about because he was unable to protect her (doesn’t like talking about it). He almost lost himself in his own depression, spending his time working as a mercenary, just to keep himself alive, barely. But after a mission against RPGC, where he saw how strong some of the member were, he decided to join. Hoping to learn from them.

Having spent a couple years learning from several of the veteran members, he now spends almost all of his time training at the HQ, working on his fighting style. He is always up for going on missions, to test just how good his skills have become.

Plot: Is looking to prove himself, not to anyone else but to himself. He wants to prove that he has become stronger, both physically and mentally, he just doesn’t know how to do it exactly.

There we go Wil, that should hopefully give you something to work with, in regards to my character. Can’t wait to see the fic. But just remember to not try and kill yourself writing this, none of us want that. Oh well.

I have never done anything like this before. I have seen and read stuff like this, and it looks killer. So I’m going to attempt a try at it. Correct me if I do anything wrong.

Identity: William Lyons (nickname: Choco Will, Choco, Chocobo or Will), no occupation at the moment, lives in Beaverton Ontario, and member of RPGC.

Personality: I’m very outgoing, and do my very best at everything I do. I may seen timid, but if you get me going I can be quite wild. I use my magic to help defend my friends, family and village. I like to drink a lot of ale, but to a point where im not an idiot.(no drinking and magic)

Appearance: A tall white 15 year old male, who wears a black robe, with golden trim and a pointy hat that also has the trim as well. I also have dragonscale gloves and blue feather boots. I have shaggy dark blonde hair, with a patchy brown beard. My eyes are dark blue, and I weigh about 175 lbs, but im not fat.

Powers: Black magic, uses a strong amount of magic to defeat his enemies in combat. I wield a staff with a red orb concealed inside a oaken cage on top of the staff. I also have the ability to transport between worlds/dimensions. My weaknesses are anti-magic creatures, and ghosts.(just terrified by them) I can make staffs and other various types of weapons.

Background: Born in the city, raised in the country. I attend school, where I want to become a graphic designer. I hang out with my friends all the time, and we do some pretty intense stuff. In my spare time(which is all the time) I play RPG’s and MMORPG’s. During the summer I enjoy playing my junior golf every Wednesday and eat shit loads of pie and burgers(hopped this is what you wanted for a BG)

Plot: I’m going to have to get back to you Wil on this. I want to come up with something interesting, and have nothing at the moment. I’ll edit my plot when done.

Hope this was done right!

Sounds interesting. Guess I’m kinda late, but I hope you’ll still use my character…

IDENTITY: Magma, a red Yoshi from the island of Keelhaul Key. An islander with a Jamaican accent, he is currently unemployed. Married with a son.

PERSONALITY: Although Magma is cynical and sarcastic to a fault, he is also warm-hearted and generally means well. He also has an almost cruel sense of humor. He was once a devout follower of the Golden Yoshi, but has sense cast aside his faith to this false idol. He is also very indecisive, and is worried easily. He can go from happy-go-lucky to annoyed and quiet at the drop of a hat. His best quality is probably his sense of justice.

APPEARANCE: A red Yoshi (from the Mario franchise). And, heh, if you know what a Yoshi looks like, there’s not much else to say. He tends to wear a blue wrist and ankle bands, and yellow pants. Unlike most Yoshis, though, he doesn’t wear a saddle of any kind. He is twenty-five years old.’

POWERS: Tends to excel at fire-related magic and abilities, though not proficient at magic in general. He is also quite capable with a sword, and even more-so with anything he can throw at an enemy. When he does strike, it tends to inflict negative status ailments, such as Blind and Silence. He’s pretty strong physically, to boot.

BACKGROUND: Magma has lived on Keelhaul Key from birth, growing up with the other children, Velinda and Lady Bow. When he was young, though, a terrible menace to his world destroyed Keelhaul Camp and his parents, as well as Velinda’s. Ever since, he had manifested a hatred towards that monster. He soon became involved in sports, eventually rising to be a coach and captain for a soccer team. However, his team never won any games.

After finally winning the national championship, he retired and became a protector to Lady Bow on her journey to defeat the same monster that destroyed their village long ago (which has been since rebuilt). Thought it was a long journey, they succeeded. Now, Magma lives on Keelhaul Key in peace, married to Velinda, a cold-hearted but nurturing human. They have also produced a son, who is currently two years old, named Brenton.

Magma has been living peacefully on the island for four years now, two since his son was born. Although he never really found Keelhaul boring before, that was before all the hullabaloo of being a coach, defeating the world’s nastiest monster, and having a kid died down. He’s itching for a little excitement on the island where nothing happens.

PLOT: Well, I’d definitely like to see him leave the island on some grand adventure…but hey, you’re the author, and it doesn’t really matter to me as long as he gets involved. He hasn’t ever encountered anyone from RPGC, so I guess that’ll have to happen at some point. I’d have to say that he lives in his own game universe, but if you want me to liken it to something, think Final Fantasy X meets Paper Mario.

Great stuff, folks! I’m almost ready to start writing- I’m just waiting for one or two more people who said they’d join, but haven’t yet. Don’t worry, I won’t delay things too much- I hope to start this week. Oh, and those of you who owe me plotlines, please hurry up with them, OK?

I’d just like to re-empphasize the debilitating power of Arac’s risk-taking; he should come closer to death than most other characters come once very frequently, essentially.

Identity: Kairi, traveler and tryer of new things, Member of RPGC(if there was a rank to follow she would be an apprentice)

Personality: Kairi is always chipper and tends to stay ccalm even in the most stressful situations. She is not very outgoing though, so in a crowd she tends to stay on the edges on her own. Once she gets talking though the trick is to quiet her down, she loves to converse and tends to be very blunt with questions she asks others. She’s not very open about her own past though and unless severly prompted she won’t really speak of any advetures she may have been on. Kairi acts like you has no idea what’s going on, but she usually knows a lot more then she lets off. Kairi also seems to be more mentally unstable and only shows signs of this when there is mention of family by anyone.

characteristics-Dark blue hair, dark blue eyes that seem to dance in the moonlight, Her hair is short and is usually under a hat, she’s short, and pale, and cute.
clothing-she wears a black hat, a tank top with rose designs across it and a pair of pants with a dragon embroidered on it. One thing she is never seen without though is a metal armband of a silver and copper color. On the armband two kois chasing each other are designed into it.

Water Summoning and healing is all she can do magic in a fight wise, but the magic that she uses isn’t her own, she uses spirits around her as a battery source. Thus she can easily keep casting spells(amazing endurance)/.
She can plane shift-Think neverending style wise. She winds up going through a door that takes her to other worlds whenever she feels like she needs to leave.
Half siren means that whenever she sings she can distract anything that can be considered male for a period of time.
Normal abilities-because she’s so small and wasn’t very good at magic before coming to RPGC she learned Aikido which is a perfect for a girl of her size.
She’s also a pick pocket. No equipment except for the metal armband which amps up the damage she can do with summons.

weakness-She has yet to learn the basics of magic so she really can’t do much else since she’s teaching herself and she has no background knowledge of magic beyond what she sees at RPGC.
She can’t control things when she’s angry or broken up. This includes the guardian that sleeps inside of her.
Poltergiest style ghost would be the greatest problem for her, since all her magic is based on drawing in spirits around her and using them to fuel her magic anything that is still somewhat coherent and not so disembodied can make itself comfortable inside of her. Granted it’s hard for them to gain control of her, there is still the possibility.

A classic beginning for her-Kairi is an orphan raised in not the greatest areas. She left the orphanage around the age of 16 and went on an adventure. She snuck onto one of the many ships at port(space ship). After traveling around for a bit she was actually able to find two of her brothers only to promptly lose them in a battle for power. Along with them went her home planet. She doesn’t really remember much from this time, probably because she’s blocking it from her memory. The memory she’s blocking is that she’s responsible for the death of the planet and its inhabitants and responsible for one of her brothers deaths. -Her two brothers are half brothers, one became a well known space pirate, and the other was the Vice President of the biggest trading company of the galaxy. This commodity that the pirate steals and that which the VP sells is human. The greatest “battery” for any ship of the time. Of course this battery can do more than just fuel the ship, if that were it may as well invest in something better once humans started becoming scarce, Humans are capable of shifting between universes. All they need is to be plugged into the ships main power and the ship can travel with them. Creating new markets and trading companies everywhere! This sort of trading is what caused Kairi to be an orphan in the first place. Her father is being hunted by the Blood because he is a human of a most interesting sort. He is actually able to control this battery power that all the ships use, which no other human can do. The pirates that the first brother leads try to stop such horrible practices(fueling a ship tends to kill humans faster and being half human himself he would not approve). The brothers eventually meet and things turn for the worse. The younger brother(the VP) kills the elder who had been caring for Kairi since she had joined his crew.
And then Kairi went mad. No living soul would ever be able to warn others of what she had done, because none survived her wrath not even her brother. All she had known as a child disappeared in a flash, all the friends she had made now and before were swept up in her anger. Nothing was left of the planet. It was as if it had never existed. When she awoke she was lieing in a hallway on a cold floor that reflected her image back at her. She could not remember her name, her past, anything. Her only driving force she could remember is that for some reason she wished to find her father whereever, whoever he was.
She came to RPGC after this, after feeling quite inadequate in fights she left to train some.
She wound up in a place that was switching from magic to technology and thus magic was quite toxic to use. Here she met the man who gave her the metal arm band, and then was swept up in the civil war while slowly becoming sicker. While here she accidently used her magic and drew in a very angry spirit that wished to do more harm than good. Kairi was unaware of this of course, she just left the planet before she would come to more harm.
She is now most recently hanging out at RPGC again, visiting the one and only person she is close to, GG. She doesnt’ know the rest of RPGC very well, but she does have great respect for Wil and Weila. She also is slightly scared of Val.
She is mad that at every opportunity to prove that she has grown as a protector she has failed, and wants to prove to herself and others that she’s stronger now. She sometimes still thinks that she’s wasting time at RPGC and should just get her act together and continue her search for her father, though she doesn’t remember why she wants to find him anymore.

Kairi has been wrestling with her thoughts and problems for these past years. Although before it had never bothered her that she can’t remember anything before RPGC, it has now surfaced as being a problem. She’s been having nightmares, mere glimpses at what she is responsible for but when she awakens she can’t really remember what it was she was dreaming. Around rpgc HQ she is still her calm and energetic self always ready to lend an ear to those in need, but she’s slowly becoming agitated. She wants badly to go on a difficult mission and prove that she can handle it, at least she thinks that is what she wants. Either at RPGC HQ or in the course of an important mission Kairi is going to snap and wind up harming many of those around her(This will probably be caused by her agitated state and every mention of family and then one big disaster to finally trigger it). In the process, the lovely malevolent spirit residing within her is going to take this opportunity to overshadow her and cause her to switch sides, perhaps if there is some main villain at the time, his/her side.

Neh, it would be nice if Kairi was saved from this, since she’s not actually bad. Only possessed.

I couldn’t think of an RPG to tie in, and I think maybe any will do. Sorry Wil for being so unhelpful.