RPGC on wiki

check way bottom

Hiryuu’s additions are better.

Congratz to everyone (especially me!) We’re part of something that has been Wiki’d! Someone post my shrine on Wiki! =D I’ll be your friend.

Uh no

Ha HA! You just want attention!!!:biggrin:

Wow? Bravo? Hurrah?

It was only a matter of time. After all we are so great.

We got a one-sentence link on a videogame’s page! THIS IS AMAZING AND TOTALLY UNPRECEDENTED!

Also I like the fact that a non-staffer made this thread. Really, I do. Good job.

Wasn’t this common knowledge already when someone else mean to make a page about RPGC? Hell, my site is in some wiki pages and it’s only been up for three weeks.

Eva speaking of shrines when are you going to finish the VP shrine? I’ve been waiting for so long. :frowning:

It will be my birthday present to you, for February <3

(I’m curious about what you actually said before you editted :P)

I once tried to add a link to the RPGC shrine of FF6 on the corresponding Wiki page, but it got removed.

edit: don’t be a hateah Pierson.


Also it said;

Eva speaking of when are yo ugoing to finish the VP shrine? I’ve been waiting for so long. :frowning:


I was tired that day.

But how else will I get my fun? :frowning:

Pierson be drinkin’ the Haterade.

I did that too with a couple of other shrines, but the links all got removed as well. Bah. :stuck_out_tongue: