RPGC Microcontest

Yes, there is a method to my madness, but I usually throw in even more madness just cuz I’m like that. Muwaha.

Anyway, here’s the deal: I need a good title for if, hypothetically speaking, RPGC was to have an advice column. Like Love and Hate on Penny Arcade, or Red Mage’s column. Post your idea here, e-mail me, PM or IM me, whatever, and if I like yours the best, I’ll give you credit for it if this idea comes to fruition.

And while you’re at it, you might as well start sending letters to me just to help this thing come to fruition anyway.

<strike>Worst</strike> Best. Advice. Ever.

It actually sounds pretty amusing…I’ll consider it.

“We might be games, we might play rpgs, but we still believe we have some advice for you!”

I want a title, not a tagline.

Oh. It’s not my fault you haven’t define the difference.

“Life needs Saves”.

Is this in the same vein as like Dear Abby?

There’s a little bit of a self-plug here but they are often assosiated with RPG’s anyway:

“Dragon Cave’s Q & A” or anything with dragons another thought I just had: “Encyclopedia Advicia” (yeah, I know it’s lame).

Something along those lines, but more like Love and Hate with Kara and Batjew, or Red Mage’s column. I.E. if you actually DO take the advice, well…

You can write in about anything I guess, from games to relationships to…well, stuff we know about. But odds are the answers will contain egregious amounts of violence, suggested violence, and jokes at the expense of you and your mother.

I’m happy with the mailbag, even though its not advice it’s still fun.

K, I’ll try and think of something. When’s the deadline?

Past ideas have been turned down due to them being, well, unrelated to RPGs. While our humor is definitly one of our selling points, I dont think the actual site content needs to be disrupted with the creation of such an insignificant, as far as the rest of the content of the site, psuedo advice column.

It’s different for Penny Arcade, where humor is their main selling point; they are a webcomic afterall, and they spend most of their time making us laugh. We, on the otherhand, as a gaming website, spend our time putting together expert information on a vast number of RPGish games. An advice column isn’t what this site needs, and personally, I think its more game news than it is spiffy little subsites and kooky side projects.

MegamanX2K’s Ultra Super Crazy Happy Psycho Fun Magical Advice Hour! Kidding, really…

Sorc, this hasn’t been rejected; if anything, the staff embraced this. And it won’t “disturb” any of the site’s content; it’ll probably be updated bi-weekly and that’s it. And I think you’re confusing us with RPGFan or RPGamer. We don’t do game news at all, really.

And I’m not the only one hosting it; TD might be a co-host.

How about “Super Caveman”?
What an ironic title.

Originally posted by UF-Jabricruds
How about “Super Caveman”?
What an ironic title.

X, use that. Just for the hell of it, call the advice column Super Caveman. Please.

What? That’s the worst title I’ve heard today, and I’ve heard a lot of crappy ones…it doesn’t even make sense! Of course, it IS from Jabricruds so that explains it…

Damn, well, at least I’m not the worse! Go me!

Encyclopedia Aggravatica

MegamanX2K’s Words of Infinite Wisdom, then.