RPGC ist tott

Seriously. What the fuck happened to this place? I spent/wasted the best years of my life here and now what’s become of it? Let’s get some shit going people. We need to revitalize RPGC. Give a good kick in the ass. Light a fire under, etc. Which one of you fuckers is with me? C’mon!

You deserve an award for saying what I’ve wanted to for like awhile now. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks. I’d like to thank God and the producers of cheap liquor everywhere. :stuck_out_tongue:

I may not have been around as long as you EZ-boarders, but even I remember a time when this forum was jumpin’. :’(
It does seem a little more active since sinistral’s 10k though.

I don’t care about the forum. I care about the site. How many others spent their youth working on this site because they believed in something? I can’t be the only one.

I agree. I wish there were more site activity. It’s pretty much just Walhalla updating the FanArt Section (which I should get around to contributing to again…). I guess it’s hard to have big updates when there aren’t any shrines being submitted, and you don’t want filler up there. Hm. More reviews maybe?

Plus other things like the Mail Bag, Quotes Archive, and such could stand a comeback.

Seriously. What the fuck happened to this place?
These people left:

Holy Mazrim Taim
Vorpy (?)
That other Australlian guy (SHALCAR! That’s the one!)
Jing (?)
Varan the Red
Flintedge (?)
Charlemagne (Not really, but he’s a shadow of his old self)
Dai Ryuujin
Cless The Moogle
Dragon’s Revenge
Cloth Hat
Dragon God
Green Mage
Ezboarder (?)
Manus Dei
Kero Hazel
Macc Maverick
PKT Paladin
Rogue Paladin Trian
Ryuujin (of the non “Dai” variety)
Sir Percival
Young Paladin

…or did you not want me to be so specific?

I’m pretty sure I made this exact thread after I was unbanned a while ago. And yes, I remember when I could wait 15 minutes, refresh the forum, and read 8 new threads.

That was back in like 02 or 03, when…

• Xelo had that blitzball avatar and every third thread was about FFX
• Tenchi Muyo and Evangelion were everyone’s favourite shows
• Fiero Firestorm and his lover, Final Fang, still reigned supreme on their throne of faggotry
• Final Fantasy Unlimited was just the coolest thing ever, especially Kaze and the theme song “Vivid!”
• Everyone was into Ragnarok Online… except me.
• Half the guys on the forum were pretending to be chicks, it really fucked with the minds of some people
• Orakio died and was ressurected :smiley:
• Everyone but me thought ogg vorbis would take over the digital music world
• I still played Starcraft every night with guys like Kagon, Jiharn, SG, Ackbar, Vorpy
• I still played Diablo2 with guys like Eden and Varan
• Rhaka was still Tenchimaru Draconis

Ahhhh those were the days. RPGC is pretty dead now that you mention it. I still have a lot of fun talking to guys like Arac, Xwing, and SE though.

I remember the Orakio fiasco well actually. The whole thing was so dramatic; they had to close the thread down because some of us were agitating to call Orakio’s house.

EDIT: What’s the chat like these days?

lmao actually the thread is still here. Do a post search for user member “Gannon”. Those were the days…

Man, you joined in '02? I thought you were relatively new here. Guess I should pay more attention.

I don’t go on chat much anymore. When I do, it’s to talk to Rhaka or Rinn or maybe Nulani.

I have MSN though, if anyone wants mine.

Edit: OH MY GOD. Sin’s first post in that thread is PRICELESS! LMAO!

Life happened.

Must be extremely rarely. You haven’t talked to me in years.

Yeah, I have like no conception of time anymore. I haven’t been in chat for a very long while. But if I was going to, you’d be one of the people I’d look out for.

I should hang out in chat more often. Maybe it’s more lively than the boards.

I doubt it. I mean, there’s people there that don’t visit the boards anymore, but they sure don’t talk much. The place is about as dead as President Taft.

We could revamp the site design theme, purchase a 3-month google ad, and make the “Help Us And Donate” sign larger/more visible.

However, to do any of those things, we’d probably need 3 main things:

  1. About 35 hours into a single site page that could be made into a template.
  2. All of us here speading the word online and IRL about how awesome RPGC is. I would recommend over exagerating.
  3. About 10 new shrines on 10 new RPGS (probably MGS4, FFXII, Force Unleashed, Fallout 3, Diablo III, StarCraft II, Bioshock, about 20 others that I can’t think of right now).

What’s the common theme? Significantly more Time and Effort. From what I can tell, right now there are only about 2 or 3 people actively working to keep the sight going (my huge thanks to those folks), so yeah, give the word, grab 4 more folks (you + me + 4 others = 6) and we’d probably be able to pull it off pretty darn well.

We’re working on something.

We need more virgins to sacrifice to the gods.

We’re already an RPG site and forum.

Boo Hades, boo.

Sweet. Let me know if you need any help (graphically or other).

Yeah… “working” being relative in this case. The main problem is that most of the staffers are much older now and hence have many more real life responsibilities, and much less free time to do anything. So yes, we do have a plan, but I don’t know if it’ll actually get accomplished anytime soon.

If anyone is curious, Nulani is pretty much the only person who still does day-to-day activity, being that she’s our server guru. Seriously, we’d be completely dead in the water if it weren’t for her.