RPGC ist nicht tot; it just smells funny.

As a wiki depends on participation shouldn’t there be an update/link on the main page? According to Alexa far more users visit the main page and who’d search through the message boards to find a wiki they don’t know it exists anyway. Is it a matter of deciding on the aesthetics or waiting to accumulate enough material?

If you haven’t checked the wiki in a while, many game pages are progressing nicely and I all but finished the Castlevania shrine (I tried a ds emulator to get pics but either my pc is too old, probably, or the emu too slow. I’ll give it a try on a friend’s rig). Here are some pages with Nul’s skin on (CV, SaGa or any page if you add &useskin=rpgc at the end).

It’s a small world and it smells funny, I’d buy another if it wasn’t for the money.

I agree that that something should be done regarding update/link for the wiki on the main page. I mean, outside of the boards, who knows we even have a wiki?

From what I generally see on the recent changes, most of the wikis are coming along nicely. I have a good part of the Soma Bringer wiki done, but there’s still much to do (the hardest part being getting the stats for weapons/armor). Also need to touch up the Mother 3 wiki a bit.

Btw Rigmarole, what DS emulator are you using?

Not really using, as I finished the game on the DS. I did try Ideas (which didn’t crash, so the slowdown may be my pc’s fault) and I now see the last version of No$gba was free (see wikipedia for a link), so I might give that a try too.

NO$GBA is pretty good compatibility-wise, but not 100% perfect. I’ve been trying to use it to gather screenshots, but I hate the fact I can’t make the screen bigger without changing my screen resolution.

Personally, I don’t play off the emulators since they’re imperfect, and it’s tricky to get some things right. I still gotta figure out how to get a good video capture of DS games.

It’s not done yet and probably won’t be till I leave for the UK. If anyone wants to take a shot at completing it, let me know. I got stuck on the menu design and I haven’t even started styling the content yet.

Wish I had a design or graphics bone in my body. Good luck on your UK stint.

Thank you. I’ll be there till sometime in June. If I’ve the time, I’ll still drop by every now and then.