RPGC Group

<A HREF=“http://www.rpgc.com/”>We totally should have beaten them to it</A>. I could see RPGC as a market leader in… well, whatever it is that they do.

E-Commerce! I’ve read the description of the company, and I still don’t know what they do. Looks kinda like they handle internet money for you.

It’s probably a front for an underworld conspiracy to bring about more maquiladoras.

Nice one.

Kinda. They stablish channels through which your online customers may pay you. I haven’t read their site in detail, but I’ve seen some work with online credit card payment. It’s a hell to make CC transactions through the internet. Mastercard, for example, only allows you to use online CC payments in your E-business if you allow them to alter parts of your web applications as they wish. So as to keep their side safe from online crimes, they say. What RPGC does is probably, for example, using a software that communicates with both Mastercard and your site so that you don’t have to go through a long and complicated draconic negotiation with Mastercard.

Whoever they are, if we ever make an e-commerce site, we should use them as our consulting.

Also, I just realized that someone’s already taken <A HREF=“http://www.mrsaturn.com/”>MrSaturn.com</A>, a DNS that I’d had reserved back in the InterNic days (which, sadly, are long gone, and, thus, my reservation expired…).

Payments, eh? rubs chin So that’s why we’re short on donations! They’re all sucking them up under our name >O

I beleve my names are free.

Thats because nobody wants them.


Why don’t you just go the whole way and say LOL PWNT. Don’t forget to include a hilarious jpg of some kind.

Cause this is rpgc not SA and he is smart.

Clearly not smart enough.


If you’re gonna look like an ass you might as well look like a complete ass.