RPGC Fantasy baseball

if you’re interested, the link is:


league ID: 231196
league password: saturn

you need a yahoo account to play. Someone (Sorc?) explain how it works for people who don’t know, I gotta run. Draft time is set right now as Monday April 4, at 8:30 EST, but that can change if people want it to.

There he is… and there he goes.

If anybody actually needs me to explain it, then just ask. Otherwise, feel free to sign up.

Well, I am a little curious how I turned into a password. The closest I ever got to baseball was World Series Baseball for Sega Saturn. :smiley:

Red Sox baby…

I’m a Angels Fan myself since they entered the Offseason for their “World Series” win.

The WindyTWIT
I hope my few years watching it insead of counting sheep, chocobos, or Slimes.