RPGC East Coast Meet - 2005

Yes, blatantly copying the RPGCali meet thing.

So, who’s gonna go and can offer up a place to crash? And we need a rough time. I get out of school first week of June, so whatever. I can go wherever on the east coast, so whatever.

Sticky plz. This is like the 3rd thread on it and it dying is bad, mmkay?

You’re stupid, California IS in the east coast. Idiot.

Okay. I’ll start talking to my parents.
If I can’t get anything there, then I dunno…

It’d be cool if this got off the ground. Also, i know i’ve asked before, but maybe some of could meet up at otakon? Assuming anyone is going aside from me, which, if i remember correctly, i’m the only one going. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t know if I’d have the money, seeing as we’re financially unstable right now. And I don’t have my lisence. So I don’t have any freedom, although I really wanna gooooo.

You might as well have it on the other side of the god damn universe

Unfortunately, all the cool people live in California or in the Southeast (excepting Ackbar and Merlin). So, yeah.

As I’ve mentioned before, my place is way too small to host a decent number of people. 'sides, my city’s boring. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only issue I have is that someone else would have to arrange matters as far as transportation goes. That aside, there’s nothing stopping me.

I don’t think it would be a good idea to come by where I live. The traffic is a nightmare during the summer.

Don’t get your hopes up or anything, but I have a pretty big house that might be suited for this. However, I’d have to get permission from my parents, and it’s highly doubtful that they’d approve.

I can head down there provided I bother to get a passport (if I recall correctly, any person entering the States, even if it’s by way of road, MUST have a passport…stupid legislation, but I remember news were talking about that before, so…not sure if it’s true or not) or something. I’ve got a car that can house 3 other people, so if anyone needs a lift and is willing to help me pay for gas (AND is on the way, I’m not going down to the US East Coast by way of Ontario, that shit puts me out 2 hours from the trip), I can fetch.

I’ll also need directions to whomever I’m giving a lift to and to where the meet is if the meet happens.

Yea, i can hook people up with a ride also, if you’re on the way (i’m coming from pa).

Iga, last news I read a couple of weeks ago about the passport said that Canadians didn’t need one to go into the States after all. It’s just incredibly simpler to have one.

Iga: What way through Ontario? Through the North Bay region by any chance?

I just wanna <strike>meat</strike> meet shin :open_mouth:
Me and him could totally jam out on guitars!

I’m on the east half of Massachusetts, so I’ll pick people up there. I’m willing to head down South, so someone get a damned place already. >.>

To keep with the whole “RPGC” thing. The east coast thing should be called “RPGCosta del este.”

Info’s one smooth operator yo.

Somehow I think people won’t want to ride with you, Cala.

My summer’s jam packed with responsibilities. Unless it’s in Toronto I won’t be able to go.