RPGC Castle

I was wondering if anyone could toss me a screenshot/picture of the castle used in the RPGC banner. I’m pretty sure its from the sequence at the beginning of Final Fantasy IV. I’d be most appreciative.

It’s the scene right after Cecil is expelled from Baron. It’s quite in the beggining of the game. Why don’t you just download the rom and take the shot by yourself?

Well, my current emulator is corrupted or infected or SOMETHING; it just doesn’t work. So rather then deleting it and re-installing it, I thought that someone might have the picture on hand anyways.

But yeah, if no one has it, I’ll just go get it myself.

Oh Megaman984, where art thou? He’s normally the one taking care of the banners and such, so if you can somehow poke him he might be able to help.

<img src=“http://www.rpgclassics.com/staff/tenchimaru/td.gif”> I checked, and I’m pretty sure that it isn’t FF IV. The castle doesn’t even look the same.

The FFIV Castle thingy is taller, and gray.

We did once use the FFIV castle, that’s true, but no longer. I think DN found that pic, iirc. And I believe 984 might be in hurricane alley, so it may be a while before he notices.

I personally prefered that banner personally…

A few comments before we get to the good stuff.

I’m not in hurricane alley. I think it touched down in northeastern North Carolina. That’s somewhat far from Athens, Georgia.

Personally liked it personally? Welcome to the Department of Redunancy Department.

And now for the money shot.


A clean version of the RPGC Banner without Merlin polluting it with his damn dirty sprites!

Originally posted by Sinistral
I personally prefered that banner personally…
Repeating yourself?

Hey, don’t take it personally.

Well, I actually did mean the old banner image, but this one might work. I got my emulator working too, so if I need the FF IV castle I’ll go get it myself.

Thank you kindly for the help.

The old one, I think, was from Link to the Past.

Originally posted by Sinistral
I personally prefered that banner personally…

That was a bit of a redundant redundancy

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That was a bit of a redundant redundancy

Yes, we know, we’ve all told him this.