Dante darling, if you don’t lay off that attitude of yours we’re gonna haul you out of here faster than Sinistral can swear as somebody once said.

Weiila - Angel on PMS. Watch. It.

The sister of one of the guys who was at the party, not me, jeez…lemme dig up the pic.

Left to right, Bert, Sinistral, QPZ4, Hiei behind QP, Me, Dark Sand behind, Faetan, Drak, Roots, Igatona.


Mabatsekker - Finnish Blue Mage with a sharp pencil

Cala - BW Goddess/Orgasm Goddess (hell ya, Sorc!)

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Val- Impossible to hate for long.

lol. That’s funny.

Gila-Monster-Metalhead…crazy person…stoner… artist maybe.

Yar - The Man in the Red Jacket.

Catgirl Mayl: Cuteness on PMS.

Here’s one for me:

JFGemini107- Writer of Not-so-Funny Fanfics.

BahamutXero-relatively calm most of the time…

UF-Jabricruds - Believes this thread will close.

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UF-Jabricruds - Believes this thread will close.


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lol. That’s funny.

What’sso funny? ;_;

Zhou = thinks he’s funny and evil.

Varan - volcano of violence waiting to erupt.

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What’sso funny? ;_;

Nm. I realize you aren’t exactly serious, and even though I usually take things less-seriously than most people, I haven’t really been that light-hearted lately. Don’t take it personally.

Nulani - Death.

Orian - The Most Annoying Asshole Kor has known Online
…I knew I’d find a use for that eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not making one for myself.
Ryoto the Slayer - boy who wanted us to meet his mommy :cool:

Swift Kid: Best Athelete at RPGC

Urkani - Perversion incarnate.

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Urkani - Perversion incarnate.

Oh, don’t flatter yourself.